Billy Joel isn't as bad as I thought.

Her crying wouldn't let up so we slowed down somewhere along 6th street and sat against an old brick wall.  Two minutes hadn't passed before we were joined by a bald vagrant.  I tried my best to explain to her that everything would be okay...Eventually.  Relating my situation from previous years, starting over...Moving on.  But before I could finish the statement the bald man interrupted us.  "You uhh...Got fifty cents?"  "No" I responded as sternly as possible.

"How about..A light?"

"You got a bit of weed?"




"What about a phone charger, got one of those?"


Who is this guy and why does he think I'm a convenience store?

At this point her tears had been replaced by the fear of this creeper rampaging.  It was a little easier coercing her into a vehicle, ensuring she would get home safe.

She eventually went home, and I was alone.  Left to my own devices, I couldn't sleep.  All I could keep thinking about, amidst the post-break-up-blues was the conversation with the homeless man.

This is why I'm fucked.

Thank you The Coathangers for inadvertently leading me to this song.  It destroyed me in the best way possible.