Black Devil Doll

"Pity...It's a shame individuals in our society have regressed to such standards of racial lambasting in favor of lowest common denominator 'entertainment' for the mass public"
-Rev Al Sharpton

Director: Jonathon Lewis
STV with a limited theatrical run
Officially released 10/20/2009

With the release of the first trailer Black Devil Doll reeled me in becoming my most anticipated movie of 2008. A year and a few date changes later I finally got my hands on a copy.

The premise of the film is pretty simple, the busty Heather (Heather Murphy) makes the mistake of playing with a oujia board one night accidentally summoning the soul of Mubia, a black militant serial killer. Mubia comes to life in the form of a ventriloquist dummy thus becoming the "Black Devil Doll." Heather instantly falls for Mubia and while the feelings are somewhat mutual the doll cannot control his urge to rape and kill well endowed white women.

The movie is every bit of a modern day exploitation film. Vulgar one liners, breasts, gore, you get the idea. Does it live up to the older films? Yes and no. It's shlocky, disgusting, and offensive, but a big draw of some of those older films was the fact that they were unintentionally offensive or funny. This is where films like Black Devil Doll and Planet Terror fall short. Another negative about the movie is the runtime, it clocks in around
60 minutes or so. These things do not necessarily negate the film, but they do not help it either. Overall it is a very enjoyable experience.

DVD Transfer: The film is extremely low budget and it shows. It's shot on DV and at times the picture is a bit choppy or blurry, although it looks better than most of the SOV stuff I've suffered through.

DVD Audio: 5.1 audio, good for the most part, but during some of the scenes (especially those shot outside) the audio seems a bit muffled and there's a lot of background polution. Gallios Flame's score really shines in this movie...This is definitely a soundtrack I will be picking up
in the future.

The extras: The dvd comes in a clear keepcase, the cover sleeve is doublesided with some nice artwork on the front and back. Also included is a very nice poster/booklet. As far as the DVD extras go the disc is loaded!

Included on the disc:

-Five commentary tracks
        Black Devil Doll
        Cast (Heather Murphy, Natash Talonz, Precious Cox, Erica Branich, and Martin Boone)
        Crew (Jonathan Lewis, Shawn Lewis, Mitchel Mayes)
        Technical (John Osteen and Mitchel Mayes
        Fan commentary
-Audience Reaction Track (from the Hollywood premier)
-Still Gallery
        Production photos
        Publicity photos
        Hollywood premier
        Convention Clip
        Netherworld Videozone interview
        Three Animations

The Verdict: Despite a short runtime and a few shoddy cgi shots the film is completely worth seeking out. The DVD is presented in a very nice package with some great extras. Black Devil Doll is a great way to spend the evening, be sure to watch it with someone who's easily offended.


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