Dawn of the Dead (Arrow video)

Dawn of the Dead
Production year: 1978
Release date: 10/19/2009
Collection number: 689

If you were to ask horror fans what the best zombie film ever made was a majority of them would sight Dawn of the Dead as being the apex in the undead subgenre.  While the film might not be my favorite of Romero's dead movies, it's certainly one of the if not the best written, directed, and produced.

Everything about this movie works, from the music to the dialogue.  There's literally not one bad thing I can say about this film.  With that said there's also nothing new I can add to the hundreds upon thousands of reviews already out there.  So I won't go into details, if you're reading this blog you've already seen it.  In the rare chance that you haven't, quit wasting time and go buy it.

This amazing edition contains: 3 discs / 4 sleeve art options / double-sided fold-out poster 
and For Every Night there is a Dawn collectors booklet 
BLU-RAY CONTAINS: Theatrical Cut in High Definition 
EXTRA: Commentary 1 with George A. Romero, Tom Savini and Chris Romero  
Commentary 2 with Richard P. Rubinstein - Document of the Dead 
Document of the Dead: The Lost Interview and Deleted Scenes - Fan of the Dead
DVD CONTAINS: Director's Cut 
EXTRA: The Dead Will Walk documentary
DVD CONTAINS: Argento Cut 
EXTRAS: Publicity Vault containing: US and German Trailers, 
TV and Radio Spots, Reviews, Giallo Trailers - Scream Greats

Like a few of the titles we've talked about this week, there are better transfers out there.  As far as the entire package goes, nothing really beats this release.