The Horror Movie Empire fiasco

So back in late December I forked over my hard earned money for a handful of Blue Underground titles.  The website was having a sale on all of the BU titles with free shipping.  The prices were dirt cheap, $7 per DVD, $10 for Blu-ray.  News of this sale hit like a wildfire, eventually even Blue Underground (though they now deny it) tweeted about it.

The site was iffy, but the prices were hard to beat.  It didn't help that a number of former customers vouched for Demetrios.  So I, like many of you, took the plunge.  Now, two months later, and I've yet to receive a thing.

What I did get is excuse after excuse.  Promise after promise.  It's either about to get shipped, or awaiting one more movie from a vendor.  That was when he actually responded to me.  Now he's ignoring me.  It's too late to file a claim with my bank so I'm just stuck waiting for my movies or a refund, and let's be honest, I'm more likely to get a tugger from Megan Fox than to get either of those.

I dropped almost $100 on the site, but there's plenty of people who spent more.  So if you're reading this and you're one of the many victims this is what you can do.

1. Follow this link over to the Illinoise Attorney General's fraud division and file a complaint.  

2. Email, tweet, complain, complain, complain.  The more people that see this the less likely they are to do business with him.  His twitterfacebook, and email.

3.  Demetrios will be at a number of upcoming horror cons.  He's already said that if you're order hasn't been fulfilled by March's Horror Hound convention to just approach his table for your full order and a full refund.  He will be at the Texas Frightmare Weekend, and I certainly plan on talking to him.

The way things look now, there's a good chance many of us will never see a refund or our order.  The horror community is a tight knit group however, and this situation will not go unnoticed.  The BU sale might have put HME "on the map" per say, but his bad business ethic will certainly cripple the site to an extent.


  1. I dropped over $200 on this douchebag and likewise got nothing. He promised me a refund two weeks ago (which he didn't deliver on) and now ignores every attempt at communication. He needs to be dealt with by the law.

  2. As you probably know, Demetrios Siomos has pulled out of all upcoming conventions and removed the HME facebook page, all the while claiming he's neither hiding nor a scam artist, and that everyone will get their movies. I seriously doubt there's a wholesaler in the USA who stocks BU titles for the prices he advertised, so anyone who believes at this point that they're going to get their orders is naive in the extreme.

  3. Always no news...after 7 month of command !

  4. I have been a vendor to this Deadbeat for years! I had no idea that he was such a shady business man until just recently. I shipped him an order and I gave him Net 15 terms in good faith with a credit card on file.Of course card was declined numerous times and we still havent gotten paid.He dodges every text,phone call and email that I send him.Hopefully DEMETRIOS SIOMOS will get tossed in jail or better yet get the living shit kicked out of him or both.Either way he has major bad karma going to not get what he deserves.I dont see how someone can wake up everyday with all that bad energy on his shoulders.DEMETRIOS SIOMOS IS A DEADBEAT,LOSER BUM! Just a complete derilict and a bad human being.