Zone 261

Today I happened upon a little viral advertisment for an upcoming swedish film called Zone 261.  As soon as the video finished I knew I had to get on here and spread the word.

It's not a zombie film in the typical sense, though it certainly deals with the undead.  The video had a nice mix of horror, action, and suspense offering a little taste of what's to come.  Everything can be found here.

The website also has a nice behind the scenes video showing how they blended practical effects with CGI. A lot of filmmakers are going this route now-a-days.  I'm not the biggest supporter of CGI, but when it's used right it can be an amazing tool to make a sub-par effect look top notch.

It seems like a lot of the original and note worthy modern horror is coming from overseas I think it's time the American filmmakers up their game.

Zone 261 should make it's way stateside sometime in late 2012.

American Werewolf in London Blu-ray

Today I decided to revisit one of my favorite werewolf flicks An American Werewolf in London.

I realize the blu-ray is a few years old now, but to this day I'm still impressed with the treatment this film was given, especially by a major studio.

An American Werewolf in London is probably the best Werewolf flick since Lon Chaney Jr originally transformed under the full moon. The film itself is surprisingly almost 30 years old now, with the new transfer though, it looks great!

As an avid DVD buyer my transition to the Blu-ray media was slow at first starting with new titles and slowly working my way back to the older catalog titles.  Things are a lot different now, it's amazing how inexpensive some of these blu-rays are.  Suffice to say, AWIL is definitely a title worth double dipping for.

The first time I saw this film was when it was originally released on DVD back in the late 90's . I instantly fell in love with the movie. Everything about it was perfect, the humor, the scares, the sfx, the amazing soundtrack. It's very rare to find a movie that so perfectly combines horror and comedy, a film with characters you truly care for. This is a movie that sticks with you, one of the better horror comedies, one of the best werewolf films.

It's refreshing to see a company go into an older film without DNR'ing the shit out of it.  It's got a few soft moments, especially in the beginning, but as the film progresses so does the transfer.  Where the transfer might fall short however, the audio certainly soars.  The film has never sounded better! 

The extras for the most part were transfered over from the original 2001 DVD, but the best extra comes in the form of a feature length documentary called "Beware the Moon." The documentary covers everything from conception, to filming, to the somewhat negative reception it got when it was originally released.  This documentary is easily worth the price of the blu-ray...This is something that could have easily been a stand alone release.

It's a pity more movies don't get the kind of treatment.

Buy this disc immediately!

Massacre Video plans to unleash Orozco the Embalmer this month!

I recently checked up on Massacre Video to see if they have any new releases planned, turns out they have not one but two releases that will be up for pre-order today!

If you were like me and missed out on the limited 555 set, than you should definitely get your ass over to their store by noon EST and order a copy.

Orozco The Embalmer is a very graphic documentary about an embalmer in a (very) impoverished town.  The camera doesn't shy way once and some might not be able to handle the content. 

The dvd is loaded too!
Original Spanish Audio
-Removable English Subtitles
-Words with the Director
-Extensive stills gallery with over 140 photos
-Reversible "gore" cover
-Fold out poster

Limited Editions
-Orozco the Embalmer Large Hardbox(Limited to 100 copies, two covers "gore" cover and "tame" cover. Hand numbered to 100 each

Also being released today will be limited VHS editions of Orozco and Bloodsuckers From Outer Space.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Massacre Video!