Massacre Video plans to unleash Orozco the Embalmer this month!

I recently checked up on Massacre Video to see if they have any new releases planned, turns out they have not one but two releases that will be up for pre-order today!

If you were like me and missed out on the limited 555 set, than you should definitely get your ass over to their store by noon EST and order a copy.

Orozco The Embalmer is a very graphic documentary about an embalmer in a (very) impoverished town.  The camera doesn't shy way once and some might not be able to handle the content. 

The dvd is loaded too!
Original Spanish Audio
-Removable English Subtitles
-Words with the Director
-Extensive stills gallery with over 140 photos
-Reversible "gore" cover
-Fold out poster

Limited Editions
-Orozco the Embalmer Large Hardbox(Limited to 100 copies, two covers "gore" cover and "tame" cover. Hand numbered to 100 each

Also being released today will be limited VHS editions of Orozco and Bloodsuckers From Outer Space.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Massacre Video!