The Scarlet Worm

The Scarlet Worm
Production Year: 2011

Release Date: 04/24/2012
Collection Number: 1042

Print is an aging outlaw.  He has strong religious beliefs...One might say he's artistic..He'll also kill you if you've wronged his boss.  The Scarlet Worm is a great modern western.  I can't believe I'm actually using those last three words together in the same sentence.  The film is about the aforementioned hired gun taking on a new job at a local brothel.  It seems that the owner has been doing illegal abortions on the "whores" behind closed doors. It's a very gritty film and the violence really shines during some of the later gunfights.  Lots of squibs, lots of red stuff.  The directing is very sharp, particularly in those few scenes cutting back and forth to various characters dodging bullets or meeting their demise.

The acting and delivery of the dialogue is also pretty good with the exception of one of the "whores" who's accent just seemed a tad bit forced.  Aaron Stielstra is very convincing in his role and does a great job with the character of Print.  You might also recognize a few familiars if you're big on the ol' Italian westerns.

The abortion angle was an interesting one to say the least, 'specially living here in good old Oklahoma where that subject has been a hot button as of late.  It's certainly original which is something I imagine is hard to do these days considering they've only been making westerns since the dawn of film.

The film is presented in widescreen with a 2.0 Dolby Digital audio track.  Round out the audio are two commentaries with the writer and the actors/producers.  Also included is a featurette and a few trailers.  There's also a blu-ray available that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on.

So to sum it up.  Scarlet Worm is a great take on an old genre...If you've been having western withdrawals give it a shot.