The Uneasy Archive

Sometime early last year while on facebook I saw a picture of a film I'd never heard of.  The movie was called Wet Wilderness.  While the plot of the film seemed right up my alley what really piqued my interest was the label.  "The Uneasy Archive" promised to release limited amounts of niche sleaze once a month, their second offering was a film called "Femmes DeSade" a roughie that's been on my radar for quite some time.  I had to get my hands on a copy.  Each film has a limited run of 24, 23 normal tapes and one super rare "rape pink" edition.  Out of the 24 tapes a number are spoken for through their subscription program.  With such a small number available to a rabid number of fans, obtaining a copy is easier said than done.

I'd been familiar with stores like Mondo and their formula.  They give a release date, a time frame, and a number available, then it's all up to luck and how quick you are with a mouse.  I'd never participated in anything like it before and it sounded about as fun as it was nerve racking.  The date for Femmes was set and one Saturday evening I spent about 30 minutes in front of my computer monitor anxiously clicking reload.  My girlfriend sat beside me waiting for me to make my purchase so we could go out.  I guess these are issues some women have to deal with when their significant other is a film nerd.  I got lucky that night, and I've since got lucky four other times.

They've released a total of 12 films, every month there are more fans which makes things a bit more hectic.  With sales of the original releases heading into the triple digits it's pretty obvious there is a definite boom in the secondary VHS market.  Maybe it's simply thanks to nostalgia, many of us remember the excitement of going to the video store when we were children, seeing all of the tapes our parents wouldn't dare let us rent.  Now as adults it's fun not just owning the DVD counterpart, but going back and buying those very tapes we were never aloud.  Never-the-less things are in full swing, companies like Wizard and Thriller video make bank.  Uneasy Archive feeds into this collectible urge a lot of us videovores have, owning a small sleazy piece of obscurity.  With such a small run I'm confident that I'm one of the only people in my home state to own TUA's Femmes DeSade.  Nerdy or not there's something comforting in that.

Since starting up there have already been a handful of "copy-cat" type groups.  Some people sing their praises, other's cry foul.  Honestly though, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Especially in regards to exploitation.  I can't wait to see what 2013 holds in store.

There you have my modest collection.  While not complete I'm very happy with the titles I do own.

Join in on the fun.