Craigslist haul

Craiglist.  Mostly full of scams, deviants, and pictures of genitalia.  Here in the wonderful state of Oklahoma I very rarely find anything genre related with the exception of DTV trash.  On occasion though, I have struck gold.

Today's haul is a great example of what good can come of that website. Saturday my mom mentioned that she saw a guy on there selling some older horror figures, this morning I looked into it and gave the guy a call. Without further adieu proof that $50 and a craigslist posting can provide something else other than herpes

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a big bag of action figures.  Most of them are Neca with a few Mezco mixed in, the one on top though is extra special as it is a custom that looks as if it could have been made by Ones Customs.

(from left to right) Spaulding [NECA] Elvira [Amok Time] Jason IX [Mezco] Jason VIII [NECA] Spaulding [NECA] Mohawk Gremlin [NECA] Jason VII [Mezco] Myers [NECA] Jason  IV [Mezco] Jason JTM [custom] Sam [NECA]

There we have the contents of the bag.  11 total in all with a handful of accessories.

A few of those I already owned, what I was really wanting were a few of the Jason's to fill in some gaps along with the Sam (Trick'r'Treat) and the Elvira.  I'd missed out on those two and I've always regretted it, especially now that the prices on ebay have doubled.

The Jason (JTM) was a very nice surprise, one that I didn't really notice in the original craigslist picture.  It's an extremely detailed custom with a nice shiny coat to simulate Jason's "wet" look from the film.  The mask is removable and the face under is spot on.

All and all I'm very pleased with the haul, some of these figures are no longer produced and can fetch pretty high prices on ebay.  A few of these are missing accessories but that's to be expected.  All of them were in great shape and the guy selling them was extremely nice.  In all my years of using CL I've probably got more horror stories than good ones, but this is proof that occasionally you can find a really good deal.

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