Even more homemade horror!

So my Birthday is a few days away, since I have a bit of everything I'm sort of forced to find things online for others to buy me.  Yes, it is a very daunting task.  Anyhow, while on the hunt for some Texas Chainsaw Massacre collectibles I happened upon this ebay store.   Everyone's got the posters and the toys, I'm always looking out for something different.  I can remember the first time I discovered Satan's Sideshow, it was like finding buried treasure.  Now we have sites like etsy and artfire offering up thousands of homemade items.  With that said, it takes a lot to really pique my interests these days as far as homemade collectibles go, but the books ends have me hook line and sinker.

Another really cool DIY shop is OliviaFrankenstein. Now while most of what she specializes in are for females (make-up bags and such) if you look around you can find some pretty cool vinyl wallets featuring an array of monsters and mad men.  She also does custom orders if you have something in mind that you cannot find on her page.

The last page I'll highlight today is ran by Christopher Perrault, Chris runs the BoutiqueDuFreak shop which specializes in a number of items, the coolest though are film themed bracelets made from melted down records.  He's sold a number of these that range from well known franchises all the way too some of the more niche Fulci films.  They're all pretty cool though.  Chris also makes tile coasters featuring artwork from various horror posters.  Be sure to check out his shop and tell him that Cannibal Reviews sent ya!

I've got some pretty cool reviews lined up for the next few weeks, I've also got a few VERY cool hardboxes headed my way so be sure to check back soon!

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