Junk Films & Demon Queen hardbox overview

Massacre Video is a true pioneer of DIY releasing, a one man company ran by Louis Justin whom for the last few years has provided fans with limited VHS, DVD, and Hardbox editions of seldom/released seen horror films.   555 for example, never made it's way into the DVD world until Massacre Video, prior to that release the VHS was the only official release available and was somewhat notorious for fetching high prices.

Recently Massacre Video began to ship it's latest Hardbox offerings:  Junk Films and Demon Queen.  Each release is limited to 66 and is hand numbered.  Included with each film is a poster and sticker, Junk also includes a photo still while Demon Queen was to include a (delayed) cassette tape.  The cassette tape for Demon Queen will ship out to customers sometime later this year and Massacre Video has promised fans at least three new releases this coming year.  I'm for one am very excited to find out what titles they have planned.

For more information regarding Massacre video please click here.  Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!