Uneasy Archive Announces deal with Jorg Buttgereit

Yesterday evening Uneasy Archive teased that it had some big news regarding future releases on the horizon.   They weren't kidding, soon after making that post they announced the upcoming release of the "Brightside Trilogy" along with a slew of Jorg Buttgereit films.  Now I've never seen the three Brightside Films though I do own one of them (The Gateway Meat) so I guess I should get on that before the inevitable release date.  I have seen the notorious Nekromantik films though, and I loved Schramm so the second announcement is what excited me the most.  Go ahead and read it for yourselves...

"Our second announcement for the evening is that we've partnered up with Jorg Buttgereit for a special VHS release of his films Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2, Der Todesking and Schramm. These will all be limited to 50 units each, some of which will be signed by Jorg Buttgereit and Manfred Jelinski. We will also be releasing a very limited run of box sets featuring the four films I mentioned and Corpse Fucking Art. But that's not all. We will be collaborating with our good friend Lunchmeat and including copies of the Nekronology LP and CD with the box sets. This will also include a signature card to be signed by Jelinksi and Buttgereit. And there will be a limited edition Uneasy Archive t shirt included in these box sets. I would also like to mention that contracts for this have been signed. We aren't pushing releases back. We've never pushed a release back. We get things done. Thank you all for your continued support, we appreciate it more than you can imagine. This was something that we both dreamed of doing and never thought would come to fruition, its humbling. They're films that have been around since I was young and now we're bringing them back to the format that they belong on. 2013 is officially the year of the skimask."

So this year will see the vhs release of the individual films along with a box set.  Prior to this release three of the films were available stateside through (the new defunct) Barrel Entertainment.  Good luck finding those ones though.  There hasn't been a date set in stone or mention if these releases will be part of the initial "23" or more along the lines of the "555" and "Savage Vengeance" releases.  Considering the popularity of the films I'm glad they've upped the quantity of each produced.  If you haven't already joined their Facebook group now is the time!


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