Walking Dead series 3 (Mcfarlane Toys)

I'll be honest, the first two waves of this series looked like complete ass.  Shoddy likenesses and super sloppy paint work, even worse were the first with awful action features.  To top all of that off, these things were ringing up at 16.99.  Given the poor job and the super small scale there was no way I was wasting my money on them.

But with this line McFarlane has done a 180 with the newest series of action figures based AMC's The Walking Dead.  First and most importantly, the likenesses and paint have all been fixed.  Everything is nearly perfect with the four figures I purchased (I've still yet to buy Merle.)  The price point has also been adjusted, these were only $12.99 at my local Game Stop.

First up is fan favorite Michonne.  Michonne features a removable hood along with her katana and sheath.  The figure is a little hard to stand and had a few loose joints out of the package.  Aside from those issues the sculpt is nearly perfect, a great representation of her onscreen counterpart.

Next up are her two "Pet Zombies" uniquely titled "1" and "2."  Both Zombies feature removable jaws and limbs to recreate scenes from the show.  Also included are chains, backpacks, and one even includes a rifle. The only real problem some of you might have with these two are the included backpacks which are bit tough to get on.  One also has to question if it's worth buying both, since they're both so similar.  I think this is a case where Mcfarlane should have dropped some accessories and just stuck them both in the same package.  Moving onto the last series 3 figure I purchased...

The Autopsy Zombie is probably the weaker figure in series 4 as it just doesn't look that impressive compared to Merle, Michonne, and the pet zombies.  It's still pretty cool though, and while it might not be the best in this wave, it certainly beats all of it's predecessors.  The Autopsy Zombie has a removable shirt exposing a gaping hole which can be filled with the (included) digested hand and animal carcass.  There's also a knife which can be stabbed into the ghoul.

So a really impressive series from Mcfarlane, sort of out of no where too.  I'd heard nothing about these popping up in stores when I saw them at Gamestop.  This year will see the release of McFarlane's series 4, Comic series 2, along with a Michonne statue and (the very impressive) Season 3 limited box set.

Lastly, I have to ask, where the heck were all of these cool zombie toys when I was a kid?

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