I don't know about you guys but for me money is a bit on the tight side.  While I'm not struggling by any means I am always looking for ways to save a few bucks.  With our hobby, this can be a little difficult so I've decided to introduce this new section to the website.  Anytime I stumble upon a great deal I'll be sure to pass the news onto you guys.

I've got two great deals this week, however both are a bit limited as they are "in store" deals only. But if you do happen to have either one of these stores in your area I'd highly recommend making the trip as I've made out like a bandit.

 The first deal comes in the form of a small liquidation at FYE stores.  They've began to clearance out a number of horror titles, most of which are Media Blasters releases.  Now FYE is typically known for their outrageous prices but occasionally you can find a good deal, just check out this picture.

Two great prices, even better was the current sale regarding these dvd's B1G1 50% off!

I went to the only two FYE's in my area and both had varying titles so it's safe to assume it differs store to store, chances are if your FYE had a ton of Shriek Show titles collecting dust it'd be in your best interest to get you ass over there!

As you can see I had a pretty big haul, I managed to purchase all of those for just under $25 dollars.  That wasn't even all of the titles they had either.

Moving on to Hastings.  Early last year I learned that a number of Hastings stores will sell you rentals if the film in question hasn't been rented out in at least 6 months.  While this is a policy that the company has, it really comes down to the employee and whether or not they know how to do it.  One thing I did find out though is that every few months word will come down from corporate to go through and manually find these seldom rented titles and put them out as clearance rentals.

Like with FYE the titles you can find will really vary store from store, for example in smaller towns I tend to have better luck finding OOP titles, in Lawton, Oklahoma I managed to grab a handful of older Code Red titles.  Hastings also has daily sales on used/previous rentals.  Meaning if you look around enough you're bound to find some awesome deals.  Last night I didn't fare to bad grabbing three dvd's and only spending around $9.  I noticed that one previous rental they had for sale was the Universal Frankenstein Legacy collection set, while this was a title I wanted I passed on it because the case was a bit roughed up.  For $3.99 though this is a true bargain and there's a good chance I'll find it available at a different Hastings.

So that does it for this weeks Dollar Bin Horror.  Be sure to check back for more deals in the future!