Three from MVD

I had a bit of a film fest today and managed to watch three films all of which were sent to me courtesy of MVD.

The first I put in was called "Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek."  The tagline on the box was "It's true what they say about big feet."  Right off the bat I knew what I was in for, a raunchy self-aware campy big foot movie.  Sexsquatch was just that, a low budget b-movie cheesefest.  The dialogue is completely out there and probably the funniest thing about the film, the costumes are intentionally awful and some of the post effects look like they were done using Sony Vegas.  The movie is about a bunch of friends having a "sex party" so one of their own can finally become a man.  The party is set in a forest home to a "sexsquatch" intent on raping and killing all in it's path.  All the awfulness in the film is intentional and it does add to the humor in the film.  While I did enjoy myself and had a few laughs, it's not a movie I would go out of my way to watch again.  That's not to say it's the worse movie ever, at the moment I'm just kind of burnt out on movies of this kind.  When I think of my favorite films that are considered "b-movies" I think of films that weren't made with the intention of being wonderfully awful.  Some of the best ones out there were directed by people who thought they were truly making the best thing ever put on celluloid.  While I did derive a few laughs, overall I felt the movie was trying just a little to hard to be ridiculous.  I won't condemn it though, as I guess that was the whole point.

Next up is one Bath Salt Zombies.  Unless you've been living under a rock you've likely heard of Bath Salts- heard about the incident in Florida involving two transients and a bit of face eating.  There have been a few more reports too.  With news like that it's only a matter of time before our favorite genre exploits it.  Dustin Mills beat everyone with a punk induced punch.  Mills (Night of the Tentacles) is known for his outlandish style, often times using the lack of a budget to his advantage.  His usage of green screen and CGI eally work with the overall look and feel of the film.  The soundtrack is also note worthy as it's steeped in punk rock and goes perfectly with the film.  The movie is about a new form of synthetic drug a few amateur dealers manage to cook up.  The blend turns junkies into blood thirsty fiends who get off on murder. There's also an outlaw federal agent hellbent on tracking down anyone involved with said Bath Salts.  All of this comes to a head in a bloody stylish finale.  I found myself really enjoying this one, Mills is definitely someone who can make a movie his own.  I know a lot of people might say the look of the CGI is "bad," but personally I thought it worked with the film, especially in the finale.  I look forward to the director's next outing.

The last film was one I felt had the most potential, "Bad Meat."  This one is about a group of youngsters whom due to various circumstances find themselves in a juvenile correction-ish camp run by a power hungry Hitler-esque owner along with his triage of power hungry and perverted guards.  Potential; this film had it.  Solid acting, decent story, fun/disgusting effects along with detestable baddies.  However the one thing that plunges this into shit obscurity is the ending or better yet lack of one.  The film switches back and forth from events taking place at the camp to a current  hospital where a mysterious victim is in critical condition and bandaged up like a mummy.  This back and forth was actually intriguing as the film progresses.  At the camp the guards are all poisoned by rotten meat ("I Drink your Blood," anyone?) and eventually become slime coated ravenous versions of their former selves.  The unlikely teens must then band together in order to escape the camp.  As mentioned the acting is pretty good, these kids form a bond through the abuse and you want to know which one of these delinquents is in that hospital, who survived and what will be left of them.  However due to the ending it's a mystery, one that would leave even the biggest Fulci fan scratching their heads.  It literally just ends; and not in a Sopranos way either, but more like a "fuck you we ran out of money" kind of way.  It's enough to make even a decent film bad and left me wondering if I was suffering from some paranormal time lapse.

So with that said, the only film I'd really recommend is Bath Salt Zombies, Bad Meat had a lot going for it, but it's ending (or lack thereof) plunges it just behind Sexquatch.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

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