I know I've spoken bad about a lot of the recent DTV horror films of late and I'm sure this trend will continue.  While I do avoid a lot of what's put out, I still watch what's sent to me by companies, and I will still continue to support the genre in whatever ways I can.  One film though that has remained on my radar is the aptly titled Mimesis, yes, I have difficulty pronouncing it also so don't feel too bad.  Now I wish I could say I was blown away by the trailer, but the only true reason the film has been on the "gotta see" list has to do with my infatuation with the film Night of the Living Dead.  This alone was enough to make me plunk down nine bucks to secure a copy.

If you haven't seen the trailer than you're probably curious as to what the film has to do with Night of the Living Dead.  We'll get to that shortly.  I'm afraid this review is going to start out with a few negatives. Mimesis suffers from a lot of modern horror cliches.  The most jarring though is the camera work, not only are we faced with "shaky cam" during scenes of horror or violence but someone thought it would be a good idea to slow things down then quickly speed them up.  I guess they thought this would add suspense?  I don't know.  Now that we've got that out of the way...

The film starts out on a small farm, Malachi...Er...The actor Courtney Gains portrays a farmer who's about to meet his demise at the hands of...You guessed it, Zombies.  Fast forward a few days and we're at a horror convention, two young men are sitting in on a panel featuring a guest speaker (horror vet. Sid Haig playing someone who's not Sid Haig.) The man, who we are to assume is a famed director speaks about how people aren't satisfied seeing horror anymore they prefer "TO LIVE IT!"  The next scene takes place in a cafeteria that's littered with horror posters, the friends sit down to eat, meet a goth girl, and before you know it they are at a party.  While I am leaving out a bit of story, let's just get to the meat of the film.  Eventually everyone wakes up to discover they are now living the horror classic "Night of the Living Dead."

As things move along we're introduced to various characters portraying other various characters.  Yes, this review is meant to confuse you.  In Night of the Living Dead the two most memorable characters are Ben and Harry.  Two control oriented men who can't agree on anything.  Throughout the film they are pretty much at each others throats in terms of how to handle the undead situation. Now in Mimesis each poor party goer wakes up dressed like a character in Night.  So yes, you've got a "black guy" unwittingly in the role of "Ben," and an older bald gentleman portraying "Harry," so on and so forth.  There are certain aspects of the film that happen as well, for instance the truck is eventually going to explode, and the filmmakers play on that.  This aspect of the film, as a fan of NOTLD is the most enjoyable.  However that nostalgic feeling quickly wears off.

As it stands, Mimesis manages to be on the lower side of average.  It starts off slow and does pick up when the Night of the Living Dead homage kicks in, but after that it just tends to go in a bland direction.  Eventually everything comes together and the characters figure out who's behind it, why they're behind it, but by the time all the cards are laid out I'd already lost interest.  There are a few more things that just nag me about this one.  For instance I'm growing ill of the constant use of horror cameos in these DTV films.  Yes, we all love Sid Haig, we all know of Courtney Gains, but is it necessary to throw them into a movie just for face value alone?  I guess that doesn't necessarily pertain to just this film as a lot of DTV horror have went that route. My next complaint was the one that bothered me the most, it's also probably my nerdiest issue with the film.  This group of people just came from a horror convention, why does it take them 25 minutes to figure out they are living Night of the Living Dead.  Have any of these so-called horror fans even seen the film?  I'm looking at you goth girl!

The blu-ray disc is pretty much bare aside from the optional Audio Commentary with the director and co-writer.  A little something extra would have been nice though, c'mon AnchorBay, you used to impress us!

So to sum it up, I'll give a few points to the movie as it wasn't horrible and it did do something different with the use of Night of the Living Dead whereas a lot of the more recently inspired films just tend to steal in hopes of a cheap payday.  So with that said props.  But would I watch the film again?  No.  Would I recommend it?  Nope.  If you get the urge to watch it this reviewer recommends popping in the actual Night of the Living Dead instead.

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