Production Year: 1974
Release Date: 04/09/2013
Studio: Impulse Pictures
Collection Number: 1314

Canada is known for a lot of things...70's porn however, is not one of them.  In fact you'd have a...Ahem "hard" time finding any pornographic productions coming out of the great white north during that era.  With that said Sexcula is a rarity for not just being an ultra sleazy Canadian produced porn, but for also being all but lost until this DVD.

As soon as you open the film's amaray home you're greeted by a small insert describing the history of the film.  While it's only a page, they manage to cram in a lot of details behind the creation of the film and it's eventual trip into obscurity until being accidentally rediscovered.  The disc itself has no real extra supplements, so this insert is certainly a welcome addition to the DVD.

So, onto the film!  The premise is pretty simple, like a lot of smut films it starts with something completely innocent...A picnic.  After a trip to a relative's old castle a couple sit down to read an old book they found detailing the castle's history.
The history is a sleazy one.  A sultry female scientist (Dr. Fellatingstein; Jamie Orlando) has successfully created a man "Frank" who's perfect in every way with one exception.  He can't consummate.  Frustrated by ol' Frankie's problem she gives her cousin (one Count Sexcula; Debbie Collins) a ring to see if she can help.  What follows are a series of various experiments (often times of the sexual variety) to see if they can fix ol' Frank's problem.  The film takes the basic porn formula and intertwines it with that of a B-monster movie.  So yeah, you've got an Igor-like lab assistant constantly trying to screw a sex bot, a horned up caged Gorilla, an old dark castle housing a laboratory, hell you've even got a really off the wall dance number for good measure.  For you pornivoires out there this is certainly some stag you'll want to see if just for the oddness of it all.

The actual meat and potatoes of the film, the story of Frank, is oddly devoid of penetration.  When the porn does kick in, it's generally happening else where and has little to do with the overall story.  Frank's section of the film feesl more like a campy skin flick than anything else, almost as if the porn was spliced in to appease a certain audience.  I'm not sure whether or not that was a complaint, as a lot of troubled sleaze productions suffer from this and occasionally it does add to the overall charm.

As mentioned earlier, this feature doesn't have much in terms supplemental materials though you do get a trailer.  I also must give credit where credit is due,  for such an old low budget feature the PQ was decent.  Surprising considering the history of the film, I guess this thing was hiding in a nice dry area protected from the elements.  The sound is presented in a 2.0 mono track, as if any of us were expecting 5.0.  The disc might read a bit bland, but kudos for a clean print and bonus points for the liner notes.

As far as 70's porn and Z-grade horror goes this one might be a last stop for a few, but for those out there who revel in the sleazy and the absurd this is certainly one to seek out.

Sexcula can be pre-ordered here.

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