Vending machine horrors!

As a kid I used to go to this store called "Pharmore," while it's no longer there I've got some pretty fond memories about the place.  Inside was a small section for video rentals, thanks to that place I was able to experience films like Fright Night and The Exorcist for the first time.  After you got done with your purchase you were greeted by a number of vending machines at the exit door, the most notable was the sticker machine which featured a number of prismatic horror stickers.  I'm not sure how many I obtained during these years, but I do recall never getting the ones I truly wanted, which I guess is usually the case with these machines.  I searched around and surprisingly couldn't find much information about these things, no company, no production year.  I did find one picture however, courtesy of Branded in the 80's.


Pretty cool eh?  Not sure how many were in the set, but I've always wanted to get my hands on the Freddy or Leatherface stickers.  No such luck, but maybe I will eventually come across a few on ebay.

Anyhow I've noticed there has been a slight resurgence as far as cool quarter machine toys go, it started a few months back when I happened upon a machine containing these.

 Who can resist a pocketful of little zombies?  As last year's posting about Slug zombies proved, I obviously can't.  Now while these aren't as cool as that line of toys, they're still worth posting about.  I would have went insane for these when I was a child.  I returned back a week later with a pocket full of coins in hopes of completing the collection but to my utter disappointment they were already gone, replaced with something completely different and not nearly as cool.

I guess if we're discussing vending machines we can't leave out the "claw crane."  I'm sure everyone reading this has a few horror stories involving these.  The stuffed animal is either too big or the claw doesn't close all the way.  These things really are electronic carnival games.  Always taking your money without any real chance of reward.

I recently noticed zombies have taken over a few of these machines.

Yes, Armageddon is in full swing as you can actually win Walking Dead plushes using these cranes.  Can I take a second to bitch about how there wasn't zombie anything when I was a kid.  Now I'm almost sick of seeing the rotted bastards.  If I wanted a zombie toy when I was a youngster I had to find an old action figure I no longer needed and smather it in hot glue and red paint.

Gripping aside, let's forward to this afternoon, we went on a small excursion to the city in hopes of finding more Media Blasters titles.  While we came up nearly empty handed we did find this.

  I managed to scrounge up enough change for two of the fake tattoos.  What did I get?  Freddy, Michael?  Something more obscure!?  Nope, I got fucking tribal.  I guess my luck hasn't changed a bit.

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