10 underrated horror films streaming on netflix

The Girl Next Door is a very brutal take on a Jack Ketchum book about a young girl who's held captive by a crazed family.  This one's got enough sick shit to please even the most seasoned exploitation veteran.

Deranged is a loose take on the whole Ed Gein mytho.  While they took a few liberties it remains to be one of the most well done films about guy.  Roberts Blossom really sinks his teeth into the role and certainly is a worthy Ed gein-er, "Ezra Cobb."  Funny fact time folks, Mr. Blossom had a pretty lengthy career and one of his later roles was as "Old Man Marley" in Home Alone, you know, the old guy who salts the streets with the remains of mummified corpses!

Okay so let's be honest here there was a big trend with the whole serial killer bio pic thing in the late 90's/00's, and most of them weren't all that great.  Out of the pack of them though, I think this has to be one of my favorites.  I'd like to say it's because of the unintentional humor, but part of me thinks that the writer and director were going for a bit of a romp with this one...Which is a bit twisted considering the true nature of the crimes.  I'm betting the creative team behind the film watched American Psycho a few times during the production of the film.

Next on the block is Silver Bullet, this might be one of my favorite werewolf flicks of all time.  You've got a young wheelchair bound Corey Haim, a pre-insane Gary Busey, a super creepy Priest played by Everett Mcgill, along with a full on bipedal Wolfman.  Did I mention it's based on a Stephen King novella?  What's not to love?

It's sad, but The Devil's Rock is as close to a modern Nazisploitation movie as we're probably ever going to get.  The Germans are planning on unleashing a demon/succubus in order to help win the war but the spawn from hell is a bit more than they bargained for.  We all know that the Nazis and the occult go together like bread and butter, this has got to be one of the best Nazi-inspired horror films of the last decade, shoot, it might be one of the only ones made in the last decade!  Never-the-less, give it a watch.

Can't have a list like this without at least one meltdown movie making the cut.  Larry Cohen's take on consumerism is a rather gross one.   The Stuff is a brand new dessert fresh from the Earth and everyone wants a spoonful.  However like with most horror films, not all is as it seems.  The Stuff might be a bit of a campy film but it's a damned entertaining one..

The Signal might feel a bit weird and uneven at first, but that's because each of it's acts were directed by a different person.  It's about a signal that comes across the television and radio that causes anyone who hears it to slowly go insane.  There's also a bit of a love story mixed in with two people trying to find each other before it's all too late.  Everything comes together nicely and while it might falter a bit in the second act there's a very nice payoff in the third.

Much like the Signal, Pontypool is a different kind of infection film.  The movie takes place in the small room of a radio station.  The eccentric DJ Grant Mazzy(Stephen McHattie) is on air when the Apocalypse begins and is able to give the play by play.  As I mentioned, this is a different kind of infection film, I won't ruin why or how, but the conclusion of it all might have genre fans split right down the middle.  Knowing this I will say it's well worth your time and Stephen McHattie gives an awesome performance.

The US might have dominated the Horror scene for a long while but it's safe to say that other countries, especially that of France have been giving us a true run for our money.  Mutants is one in a long line of ultra violent French films that certainly push the boundaries of good taste.  While it might be the lighter of the bunch it's still a very intense film.  A couple take refuge in this old abandoned base after most of the world is mutated by a virus and while the base seems safe everything begins to spiral out of control.  White snow, red blood, badass mutant creatures.  Watch it.

Okay, so Tobe Hooper makes one of the most influential horror films of all time...Then he goes on to make Eaten Alive, a film about a crazed owner of a hotel and his gigantic pet crocodile that he feeds the occupants to.  Coming off such an big film must have been tough, anything he made would have been compared to TCM and picked apart.  This was certainly the case for Eaten Alive as it's clearly overshadowed by 'Chainsaw, and while the film has it's faults it also has it's charm.  There's a wide use of colors in this film, much different than the often bleak looking TCM, it's a fun comic book movie featuring a scythe wielding pscyho and a big freaking crocodile.

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