Diamond Select's The Mummy action figure

As if Jack-O-Lanterns, Haunted Houses, and hayrides weren't enough Diamond Select has introduced a new Fall tradition for all the horror nuts out there.  I don't know about you guys but I start doing the fall countdown before Summer is even halfway through, I can't wait for all the Halloween season offers and now I've got one more thing to look forward to in the form of Diamond Select's Universal Monsters line.  Today we'll be taking a look at their Imhotep figure which is arguably one of the best this line has to offer.

Diamond generally has a few options for obtaining these new incarnations of past monsters, their deluxe line hits most specialty and comic stores while they also offer a more basic set as Toys R Us exclusives.  Generally the TRU set has a bonus figure not normally available as a deluxe version.  The store exclusive Mummy had a few different accessories along without having the pre-posed arms, but I couldn't say no to the chance of owning not just the famed Mummy but also the Sarcophagus. 

The figure is highly detailed and the true spittin' image of Karloff's character.  Each bandage is visible to the smallest detail thanks to a number of washes on the figure.  Articulation is minimal, and this figure only has one point on the neck.  His arms have been propositioned to give the figure that "resting" look he had in the film.

The Sarcophagus accessory is even more detailed than The Mummy.  It's a dark gold/bronze color with a few different washes over it to give it the aged look.  There's also a few different colors used to bring out the various emblems in the sculpt along with some blue around the head piece.  It's also worth noting how heavy the thing is, it's made up of two big sturdy pieces of solid plastic.  The accessory can be displayed standing up or laying down, the top is easily removable to gain access to the figure inside.

This is certainly one of my favorite figures, it goes past being just a "toy" and is a true collectible for fans of the film.