Hatchet III trailer debut

In 2006 director Adam Green gave slasher fans a new icon to fawn over in the form of Victor Crowley.  Crowley, a deformed swamp-bound hillbilly intent on revenge terrorized a group sightseers.  The film had enough of the red stuff to appease most gorehounds and generally the horror audience was pretty accepting of the film.  Green would return to the swamp again with Hatchet II, a film that this time around would garner some criticism from the horror crowd.  While I enjoyed the first entry of the series, I honestly didn't care much for the second.  With the third's release date quickly approaching Dark Sky Films gives us a glimpse of the third entry with a full length trailer.  After the second film left me disappointed I'm not exactly eager to head back to the haunted swamps of Louisiana, but I'll certainly give the film a chance.

Judge for yourselves by clicking here to see the red band trailer for Hatchet III.

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