Universal Monster Wallets

As horror fans we're certainly lucky to be living in this age of highly detailed toys, DVD's, and the internet.  Everything is literally right at our fingertips.  Companies like Diamond, Moebius, and Sideshow put out tons of things relating to the monsters of yesteryear.  While there is definitely a resurgence of sorts in the monster department, there's still just something so cool about the items from the 50's and 60's.  While we are spoiled now I can't help but wonder what it would have been like to experience some of these items first hand back when they were originally produced.

While I love the obvious items such as posters, lobby cards, and model kits, I also really like the more odd'n'ends stuff.  Recently I came across images of four wallets that were sold through the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine back in the early 60's.  I just couldn't get over how cool they were and I knew I had to write about them on here.

Each wallet had different images of monsters on the front and back, a few of them also had little gimmicks on the inside like a "magic slate" or a "monster mirror."  They were made out of vinyl and all vibrantly colored with the artwork that was ever so popular during that era.

I can't get over these things, I did a bit of scrounging around and I found a few old listings on ebay, they generally sell for around two or three hundred dollars a pop.  So I doubt I'll be carrying around one anytime soon.

They'd eventually be reissued by the magazine during the monster craze of the mid 90's, this time around though they were lacking the internal gimmicks and were more like straightforward wallets.

While there's not a lot that can touch on the coolness factor of those old wallets, there are a few modern incarnations that have came pretty darn close.  The clothing company Rock Rebel has their own line of Universal Monster themed wallets.

I'm currently the very proud owner of one of these so I can attest to the quality of them.  (Thanks Meghan!) Over in the UK the company Darkside Clothing has a very similar line available utilizing Hammer's legion of monsters.

While it's completely on the opposite side of the horror spectrum, I can't end this without plugging rotten cotton's retro-velcro Zombie wallet. 

I purchased one of these as soon as they were available.  I know the run on these was pretty small so you might not want to wait around on these.

*Pictures of the original Universal Monster wallets come courtesy of The Universal Monster Army.*


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