Nicolas Lopez directs this new Disaster flick starring Eli Roth, Nicolas Martinez, and Ariel Levy.  Three friends are on a vacation in South America, the trio eventually hook up with three girls and they head to Chile to take in a few clubs and explore the countryside.  During a long night of drinking and a bit of recreational drug use mother nature decides it's had enough of Eli Roth and a massive earthquake strikes nearly leveling the club.  With one of their friends injured the group attempts to make it to higher ground in the wake of the disaster with the possibility of a tsunami looming.

 While this might not sound like a horror film on paper it manages to be a very graphic movie and shares a lot of similarities with the genre.  While the core of the film is about survival the director doesn't shy away from showing the grisly aftermath of an earthquake along with exploring what people in extreme situations would do to survive.

The film doesn't show a whole lot of destruction, especially compared to the more modern disaster movies, instead it puts focus on the characters and how they react during the situation as it unfolds.  Eventually it's revealed that a local prison was affected by the 'quake and now prisoners have escaped and are on the loose.
The prisoners play a pivotal role in moving the story along and provide for some pretty grisly moments.  But with that said, those looking to see cities decimated should go else where as you will not find that here.  Instead you get a film where literally anyone could die and I can honestly tell you I was surprised by who got knocked off in this film, which was a nice change.

I found the film to be moderately enjoyable and in some spots surprising, but I did feel like it took a while to really get going.  When first introduced to the three main characters I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the rest of the film.  Pollo (Nicolas Martinez) and Monica (Andrea Osvart) are two reasons to stick through it though, once the partying and some of the more inane things end the movie really steps it up.  The film had a pretty tight budget and it certainly does show during a few of the sparse (and very obvious) uses of CGI.  When making a disaster movie I'm sure the last thing you want is a small budget, but Lopez and crew managed to make a pretty good movie by putting more emphasis on the characters than on destruction.  It's one I'd likely watch again.

Aftershock is currently playing in a mere hundred theaters so your best bet in catching this one is through On Demand or Itunes.

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