Cheap Thrills: Texas edition!

Over the years I've managed to further my collection with some pretty neat (and in some cases rare) stuff without completely raping my wallet.  I've done so by going to any used record, DVD, or book store I find.  Sometimes I hit gold and sometimes all I can find are Jurassic Park DVD's and Conway Twitty records.  Today I'll be sharing a few spots I visit when I'm in the DFW area of Texas.  I generally visit there two or three times a year, every time I'm bound to go to a few of these spots.

The first one is in Denton.  Denton is located about 30 or so miles outside of Dallas off of I-35.  It's a decent sized city with a few locations, the best I've found however is a three story book store located in the downtown area of the city.  The place is called Recycled Books, and while that's a majority of what they have, I've found everything from zombie toys to Code Red DVDs there.  My latest find was this guy who managed to only cost me a mere 7.99.  They had more than one too.

The DVDs here are generally evenly priced, if they know something is OOP usually it will be priced accordingly but occasionally you can get lucky.

Moving on to Dallas.  There are a few locations here I frequent, the first is probably the biggest Half Price Books stores in the country.  It's off of the East Northwest highway in the center of Dallas and connected to a big warehouse, you can literally get lost in this store.  Most HPB share a lot of the same deals, they typically have factory sealed Full Moon, Alpha Video, and Dark Sky  DVD releases at a big discount.  Same goes with the books, I'm guessing they work with various companies to get discounted deals on overstock.  Along with all of those each store will differ depending on what people bring to sell/trade in.  I've found a lot of good things at these stores, from an OOP Barrel Release, to a weird shag carpet Ed Wood VHS set.  Here are two finds from last weekend.

Both of these were just $3.99 each!

Next up we've got two chains, Movie Trading Company and Entertainmart.  Movie Trading Company is a small store that specializes in a bit of everything.  As the name would suggest most of it's stock is in that of movies, they carry all formats though from VHS to DVD to CED.  They also deal in action figures, records, comics, trading cards, and so on.  It's mostly a used store so each location will vary in what you find.

Entertainmart is more like a weird offshoot of a Best Buy store.  They carry Blu-rays/DVDs, TVs, CDs, and vinyl.  Most of the DVD's they carry are used, and last time I went there they had a good 1,000 DVDs priced at just under 3 bucks.  Like other used stores, each location will vary in what they carry.  With so many used DVDs it's hard not to find something to take home.  During my last visit I found this for $8 bucks.

Meaning my collection of these old Universal Legacy DVDs is finally nearing completion.