Crystal Lake Memories documentary gets a release date

Fans of the film series who were let down by His Name Was Jason can now rejoice as a new 7 hour documentary will hit stores on August 27th.  The above pictured book was released back in 2006, much loved by fans it chronicled the series from the beginning to the end and left no stone unturned.  Now many years later the same filmmakers that gave us the amazing Never Sleep Again are tackling Friday the 13th franchise giving an updated film adaption of the revered book.  Comprehensive is probably putting it lightly, everything is covered from the first film all the way to the TV show and eventual remake.

The documentary is being released as an all region blu-ray, as of right now there are no plans to put this one on DVD.  This might ruffle a few feathers, but considering the length of the film I personally would much prefer a blu-ray anyhow.  With this release on the horizon and the rumors of a new blu-ray box set of the original 8 films circulating now is certainly a good time to make the jump to HD.

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