Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection

Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 04/30/2012
Studio: Lionsgate
Collection Number: 743

There's a new Night of the Living Dead remake on the block spawned by a few British filmmakers. You know me, if it's anything involving Night of the Living Dead I've gotta see it.  This compulsive obsession of mine has been more like a curse lately as I've suffered through the likes of Mimesis and Night of the Living Dead: 3d.

This time around our beloved Ben is on the road somewhere in the UK trying to reach Barbara, and yes, he does utter the line "I'm coming to get you Barbara!"  Ben's time in the movie is short lived and eventually we're introduced to a new set of characters locked away in a house facing hordes of the undead.  As the story unfolds there are a few similarities to the original, for example one of the character's children is suffering from an infection caused by a bite wound.  Although there are faint occurrences such as that, along with the obvious plot point of these people being stuck together in a house, that's really where those similarities end.  Anyhow, amid various obstacles this family unit must find a way to survive the zombie outbreak.

As a remake of the Romero classic this film fails.  It has no where near the depth or tension of the original.  The characters aren't memorable and it lacks the sense of paranoia and dread that makes the original well...The original.  It does go in a different direction than the 1968 film which was nice, a few of the characters might share the same names of their predecessor but the situations they must face differ while managing to keep the setting (a house) the same.  Realizing it is a modern retelling, it certainly manages to separate itself enough from the original to feel like it's own entity.

It's hard not to compare any remake to the original, and in most cases doing so results in disappointment, but to be fair if you go in without any preconceived notions and view this as just another zombie movie it will make it a little easier to swallow.  As far as modern DTV zombie flicks go, this one certainly manages to inch ahead of the pack, so I guess one could say it is the best of the worst.  I will give it a few extra notches as the last 20 or so minutes did manage to be entertaining.  I also enjoyed the ending, and uh *spoiler* did that guy really say the words "rape van?"

There are a few cliches and nods thrown in to try and satisfy fans of the original but they all came away as being forced and I felt the film would have been better if it not only dropped them, but also dropped the title "Night of the Living Dead" all together.  Titling it "The Resurrection" would probably have been a better decision.  Considering Night's lack of a true copyright, anyone can come along and pretty much do what they want with it, hence the overabundance of sequels, remakes, and re-imaginings of the last decade.

While this wasn't a horrible zombie film you've probably seen it before only done better.  It shares a common issue with a lot of it's DTV zombie brethren, in that it brings nothing new to the table.  There was a time I can remember in the mid 90's where the zombie subgenre was pretty much, well, dead.  There were rumors of Romero's Twilight of the Dead and I can even recall a trailer for a film called Reign of the Dead that must have gotten stuck in purgatory because it never saw the light of day.  Then out of nowhere we had Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, and a remake of Dawn of the Dead.  The zombie movie was once again profitable and a slew of similar films would pour into the video market.  I love zombie films and I don't mind watching these low budget outings...But if you're going to do one for the love of God do something different.

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  1. I thought this was one of the worst zombies movies I've personally ever seen. The acting made me wish they all died within the first few minutes. The first guy was alright, but the people in the farm hurt my soul.