Real life terror

A few of you more frequent visitors might know that I live in central Oklahoma.  Over the last few days tornadoes have ravaged our state, the worst of which occurred this afternoon in my hometown of Moore, Oklahoma.

A very similar incident happened over a decade ago, May 3rd 1999.  At that time I actually still lived in Moore and I can remember the sheer panic in my mother's face as we huddled up in a bathroom and listened to the radio tell us that if we weren't underground we were screwed.  The tornado that year came very close.  We were lucky then, and living in Norman during this current situation I managed to be lucky once again.

Many people weren't however.  As I'm writing this the fatality count is around 50 people a lot of which happen to be children.  The tornado decimated an elementary school, it flattened houses and it threw cars around as if they were hotwheels.  It's not very often that I will stray from the typical content of this site, but today I'm writing this to urge anyone that can to donate to the red cross.  Anything will help.

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