The coolest damned kid's meal toy...EVER.

While I won't debate that it must have been great being a kid during the age of the horror hosts and the aurora model kits, growing up during the mid 80's and early 90's wasn't all that bad.  I had Joe Bob Briggs hosting Monster Vision, Fangoria Magazines, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, the list goes on and on.

Credit goes to "gullbergd" of ebay for this picture

I also think the 90's was probably the last good decade for fast food premiums.  There were some seriously cool stuff being stuffed inside those unhealthy bags full of greasy food.  McDonalds had a few different Mighty Max sets over the years along with their Mcboo pails, Pizza Hut at one point actually had K'nex kits, and Taco Bell had Goosebumps premiums at a few different points throughout the decade.

The toys ranged from rubber monsters to candy dispensers and everything in between...But the one that I remembered the most was the 3d puzzle inspired by the first Goosebumps book Welcome To Dead House.  As a kid I was always a sucker for haunted houses, in fact every Halloween I'd pull out all of my monster toys and cover my room in fake spider-web so I could make various family members walk through.  I would turn my room into a spook house.  No joke.  The idea that I could now actually build my own haunted house while eating tacos was like some sort of divine miracle.  So I decided to go on a quest.  A quest that would involve tracking down this desirable 3D puzzle.  A quest that would be very short lived as it took all of about 2 seconds to find thanks to ebay.

Here it is in all it's un-assembled glory.

With a little patience and a bunch of tape...

I believe this was the first wave of Goosebumps related premiums Taco Bell had, all of them came housed in these little cardboard pamphlets modeled after the actual books.  The next few years would see more toy-inspired premiums.

Some very cool person by the name of "Hauntedradiopodcast" actually uploaded this Taco Bell commercial advertising the Goosebumps meals.

I hope you guys enjoyed this small journey into my childhood...The next question is do I stop here...Or must I collect them all?.


  1. Man I had so much Goosebumps stuff growing up that's its not even funny. I had all the books. All the tapes. All the toys. Just about everything I could find. One Thing I could never get my mom to buy was a bed sheet set. I may have to track it down.

    1. I was doing some cleaning yesterday and happened upon an old glow in the dark Goosebumps fan club pen. Wish I had the rest of the fan club kit.