Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

May 3rd, 2013 marked the eighth annual Texas Frightmare Weekend.  This would be my seventh year of going, and while I only really "met" one celebrity this time I still think this year was definitely one of their best events to date.

The only real issue that marred the weekend were last minute cancellations.  While it didn't have much of an effect on me, people going specifically to see some of The Walking Dead guests were certainly disappointed by the departure of Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Lew Temple.  Stars Michael Berryman, Jake Busey, and the Avellan twins also managed to cancel before the event.

While cancellations are commonplace for a convention, TFW suffered from an unusually high amount of them.  It's very unusual for the event to have so many cancellations, the last major cancellation I remember them having was way back during the third or fourth Frightmare when famed director Dario Argento couldn't make it.

Anyhow, onto the event.  Doors opened on Friday at 6 pm for normal ticket holders.  We decided to start in the "Made in Texas" room first as it seemed to have the smaller line.  I made the mistake of buying two alcoholic drinks while we waited in line, while they might have tasted good they were very pricey.  I'd recommend bringing a mini bar with you lest you feel like spending a fortune before you get into the con.  The doors eventually opened and the lines poured in.  Another tip for future events held at this location; Don't stand in line.  As soon as they open the doors people from all over the building just walk in paying no attention to any line around them.

The Made in Texas room was full of celebs along with a few local artists and vendors.  The Walking Dead guests were stationed there along with Jeffery Combs, Nick Castle, and a few other well known faces (full list here.)  We eventually made it to Steve Railsback's table, Railsback has been in a ton of genre films and is well known for his portrayl of Charles Manson in the made for TV film "Helter Skelter."  Seeing as my mom loves true crime and that film I figured his table would be a good place to purchase something for Mother's Day.

We spent a bit of time walking around and taking things in before making our way to the Enterprise room.  The Enterprise was more of the same, though certainly dominated mainly by the celeb guests.  There were some pretty cool vendors here though, Movie Trading Company made an appearance once again.  Every year this company sets up shop at the event and brings a slew of horror from various locations, while they range in price at the stores they seem to drop all of the titles down to 3.99 for the event.  I was lucky enough to find an older MGM Midnite Movie title I had yet to own, even luckier to buy it and receive a bag filled with a few freebies, one of which believe it or now was Anchor Bay's OOP Halloween 30th Anniversary set.  I couldn't believe I received that one for free, I'm sure a lot of other people were shocked as well.   I checked back a few hours later and they told me they were all out.

So we made the rounds there and eventually went back to the Made in Texas room to see if we missed anything.  We would repeat this method a few times due to the amount of people swarming around some of the booths, it's very easy to miss some cool stuff due to this.  I tried my best to talk to a few of the vendors and guests hoping to shine some light on some cool up and coming projects.  The Ghouligans! essentially is a comedy show made up variations of some of the more famous monsters (there's a wolfman, a Frankenstein's monster, and so on) but they also do a bit of horror hosting as well.  They were very enthusiastic and a lot of fun to talk to.  I've got a copy of one of their DVD's so expect a review shortly.  Until then be sure to click on the link above and check out their website.

 You can't go to a convention in Texas and not expect to see someone from one of the most famous Texas-based horror films.  Chainsaw alumni Marilyn Burns made an appearance thanks to the people behind the upcoming film "Sacrament."  Burns stars in the movie about a group of teens stuck in a small Texas town where the residents take religion to new levels of depravity.

The guys behind Doll Boy were there promoting that film along with the upcoming "Mister Fister" (trailer here.)  Director "Bloody Bill" was there in full force handing out posters, dvd's, and coloring books.  I haven't watched Doll Boy yet but expect a review soon.  Here's a link to Doll Boy's facebook if you'd like more info.

Another upcoming project is actually something shot in Oklahoma, Badlands is a survivalist show about Kurt Logan, who gives tips on surviving during the zombie apocalypse.  The crew behind the show are also in a group called "The Oklahoma Ghost Chasers."  It was really cool chatting with people familiar with my home state, especially some of the supposed haunted locations in the area.

Texas Frightmare Weekend is the biggest horror convention in the South West area.  While there have been a few related cons in Texas and even in my state of Oklahoma, Frightmare overshadows all of them with not just size, but also quality.  Everything is well thought out and executed.  It's heavily staffed and they always manage to be at some of the best locations.   The staff are all courteous, knowledgeable, and typically just seem to enjoy being there.  Every year it seems to get bigger and I'm curious if they are going to expand to a bigger location with their 2014 event.  I had a great time and I met some truly awesome people.  Before I move onto the haul I do want to give a small shout out to my buddy Eigh8t who is releasing a new album that can be purchased here.  Congrats on the success your album has had so far, you definitely deserve it!

So onto the haul.  This tends to be my favorite section of any convention review or video.  I have to say my haul at the actual con this year was a bit disappointing as I didn't make a whole lot of big purchases, if I were to include the number of bookstores and thrift stores I went to during the weekend though it would be a completely different story.  I'll certainly do a post about Texas horror bargain hunting soon as I've got a whole list of spots I hit up annually.

Overall I found my experience to be more enjoyable than the last two years.  Sure, nothing will ever beat my first time, finally meeting my childhood idol George Romero, but every year the event seems to surpass the last with more guests, more fans, and more screenings.  I'd highly recommend giving the con a shot, you'd be hard pressed to find a more friendly group of people.


  1. It's Avellan, not Avalon

  2. Wow man the 30th Anniversary set for free?? You can not beat that.