The Witch's Dungeon

The Witch's Dungeon is a museum located in Bristol, Connecticut.  It's been active since the mid 60's when a young kid named Cortlandt Hull decided his small Aurora kits weren't enough and with the help of his parents began to create life sized monsters inspired by the colorful artwork featured on the model's boxes.

He didn't stop with the monsters, the young boy wanted to create the entire scene featured on the box.  It became a family affair with his father creating the background, his mother in charge of the clothing, eventually his uncle would help with the electrical aspect lighting the entire scene accurate to the painting's portrayal.   

Eventually Hull's dad would help with creating a small building to house these creations and thus The Witch's Dungeon was born.  With time Hull honed his skills, each replica being better than the last.  Soon the museum would expand in size as it's popularity rocketed throughout the years.  In the 90's Cortlandt not only worked with the USPS on the Universal Monster stamps, but would get the opportunity to pack up his creations  and send them off as they would travel the convention circuit for many horror fans to see.

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Now in 2013 The Witch's Dungeon is approaching it's 47th year anniversary.  The Museum opens up every October and for the small price of 2 dollars you can view all of the displays.  With enough donations Cortlandt hope to give the place a further expansion adding a theater room that will screen the same films that inspired him so many years ago.

If you ever find yourself anywhere near Connecticut in October I urge you to make the trip to Bristol to check out the museum and donate a few bucks to a good cause.  This place is officially part of my bucket list.

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