Water Power

Oh Uneasy Archive, you sadistic purveyors of filth.  Not only do you release one most notorious sleaze fests of all time, but you also include an enema bag.  A very nice touch from a very fan friendly company.

I meant to do this overview a long time ago...I'm talking last year.  For whatever reason I never got around to it until now, but as the old saying goes I guess it's better late than never.  In December of last year UA announced it's newest release would be the infamous Water Power.  For those few reading this who might not have seen the film I can sum it up for you in just two words.  Enema Bandit.

This would be their 8th VHS in their initial 23 releases and this time they were really going all out.  The first 23 copies sold included not just the tape (on a blue cassette no less!) but a shirt and an enema bag.  No joke.  Due to the response of the announcement they decided to expand the release to include another 9 tapes, these 9 would be presented on normal black cassette tapes without the shirt and enema bag.  Also up for grabs would be the ultra rare "rape pink" 1/1 edition.  The film would also be presented in two cuts- a longer composite cut pieced together using various sources, and with the normal version of the film.

Suffice it to say I needed the deluxe version.  I am a complete sucker when it comes to stuff like this, but with such a low quantity available I was a bit doubtful in my ability to point and click faster than the rest.  This to date was their biggest release, there were tons of people after it...The day of the release I somehow managed to be the 19th person to submit my request to purchase.  How I got so lucky I'll never know.  As a collector one of the coolest things about owning something produced in such a limited quantity is knowing that I'm likely the only person in Oklahoma that owns this particular release.  It has certainly earned it's place the shelf next to the hardboxes and other limited editions.


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