New shelves!

I've got a lot of fond memories of truly hating Kohls.  This was when I was younger of coarse, before the fancy department store migrated into Oklahoma.  Back then my experience with the store occurred during various family vacations, it seemed like the trip to Kohls always fell before Toys R Us.  Meaning before I could reach Nirvana I'd have to suffer stuck between silverware and rows of hand towels.

Here I am now closer to 30 than 20; completely embarrassed to admit there's glee that overtakes me each time I step into the store.  Soft towels, shelving units, clocks, I've even got a Kohls charge to cover all expenses.  What can I say, I'm getting old and they've got nice things.  A few days back my girlfriend and I had to purchase a carpet cleaner, just the excuse I needed to go the store and pick up some floating shelves for my ever-expanding nerd collection.  Lucky for me all of the shelves in the store were 50% off.

Diamond Select Toy's Frankenstein's Monster

Boris Karloff wasn't just an actor, for 71 minutes he was Frankenstein's monster.  In 1931 with the help of artist Jack Pierce the actor was able to transform himself into a 6'4" undead creation.  Frankenstein ushered in a new kind of monster movie along with launching the career of the actor.  Karloff would reprise his role as the monster in two other films, and while Universal would release a number of other movies depicting the monster, I feel Karloff's portrayal is the best.

5 Apps a horror fan should not be without!

5.) Horror Ringtones
Team Kaiowa has loaded this application with over 30 various sounds and themes.  Each can be set as ringtones, text alerts, alarms, etc.  For a free application this is definitely one of the best as far as tones are concerned.  If you ever tire of the "Ethereal Voice" you're in luck, Kaiowa does update the application from time to time so there's generally new content to be found   The application does have it's faults though as only the more well known horror films are represented.  Add some Frizzi to the lineup and this would be perfect.

Yesterday I mentioned that Fright-Rags had been hinting around about their next limited edition shirt. Today they sent out an email confirming the rumors and giving fans a full look at the final designs. The pre-orders begin on July the 11th and will end on the 15th, like past editions there are multiple versions to choose from. The mask edition is extremely limited and features a t-shirt with a full color image on the front and back, the design on the shirt will also be available as a screen printed and hand numbered poster. A second design is also available as a normal tee and a baseball tee, the design is titled "TV Tarman" and depicts the character sitting in front of a television eating a brains and various junk foods. It's hard to tell with the small image but it looks like the soda can sitting next to the zombie has a TNT logo, possibly paying homage to the station that gave us the great "Monstervision" during the 90's.

The mask/shirt set looks great!  To see the other design click here and while you're there be sure to sign up for their newsletter.

Oh and hey Fright-Rags...When can we expect a Monstervision shirt?!  Seriously, it's long overdue!

Diamond Select Toy's Phantom of the Opera

When you think of Lon Chaney there's a good chance his portrayal of the Phantom is one of the first images that pops into your skull.  Believe it or not the actor applied his own make-up during the production, thus creating one of the most iconic monsters in film history.

Diamond Select Toys has been manufacturing figures based on the Universal Monsters for the last few years, a new line generally hits stores every October creating yet another cool yearly tradition for us horror nuts.

Return of the Living Dead LE shirt from!

While things have yet to be confirmed, Kristy Jett has been hinting around about the new shirt over on facebook.  Judging from a handful of photos it looks to be another one of their awesome limited edition packages, this time mirroring some of the monster costumes of the past.  For those who might be little unfamiliar with the old packages I was able to find a nice example thanks to the website Goblinhaus.

Credit goes to for the picture!

Mezco also did a similar package with a line of their Living Dead Dolls.  Each set included a mask, t-shirt, and doll.

While I'm not a collector of the line I have had the pleasure of seeing one of these in person.  I seriously had to fight the urge to purchase it.  I don't think I'll be able to maintain that level of self-control when it comes to Return of the Living Dead, however.

Click here to see a preview of the upcoming ROTLD set and be sure to follow them on instagram for more updates.


Production Year: 1979
Release Date: 06/04/2013
Studio: Kino Lorber
Collection Number: 1028

Scum is the story of a young man named Carlin (Ray Winstone) who is transferred to a youth detention center after he violently assaults a warden at his last residence.  This center has been created for the more difficult youths and as such is full of strict and often abusive guards.  Carlin tries his best to keep a low profile throughout his tenure, but things become difficult when he's bullied by a group of teens led by Banks who has deemed himself "the house daddy."  Having enough of the abuse, Carlin decides to take matters into his own hands.

World War Z thoughts along with a bit of Zombie film history

This weekend saw the release of what will likely be the most expensive zombie flick ever created.  World War Z is a *ahem* "loose" adaption of Max Brooks' novel of the same name.  But before we get into the film it's time for a bit of a history lesson on all things zombie.

One of the first known literary examples of the zombie was in 1929, William Seabrook's The Magic Island told of Haitians, thought to be long dead, coming back from the grave as undead slaves for Voodoo Priests.  Three Years later Universal Studios would release White Zombie, much like in Seabrook's novel the zombies featured in the film were brought back through Voodoo practices, this time by a man known simply as "Murder" Legendre (Bela Lugosi.)  Following White Zombie there would be a handful of other films featuring the same type of voodoo slave.  Revolt of the Zombies, The Man They Could Not Hang, and The Walking Dead are a few decent examples, though none would live up to the 1932 film.

By the time the 60's hit things were a bit different.  While Universal Studios still ruled the film world the horror films present were taking a more serious and occasionally graphic turn.  1960's Psycho is a great example of this.  Full of jumps and scares like the Universal films of the 30's, but from a much different approach.  1963 saw the release of H.G. Lewis' Blood Feast, a film considered to be the first real "splatter picture."  Years later audiences would be ravaged by Night of the Living Dead.  An independent production created entirely in Pennsylvania the film was helmed by Image Ten Productions, a group made up of director George Romero, writer John Russo, and a handful of other Pennsylvania natives.  Image Ten was mostly known for their locally created commercials, this foray into the horror film was a first for the group, none of them could have ever imagined the success it would go on to garner.

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2009 Program

Compared to the previous years 2009 certainly had less guests.  I also didn't have that great of a time at the con due to a pretty bad back injury I sustained lifting weights, I was pretty much walking around like a hunchback that year.  I also went alone as none of my friends could make it which is never fun.  I did manage to get Tobe Hooper to sign my Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 poster and meeting William Forsythe was cool as he's super nice to his fans.

10 Things I Would Have In A Monster Squad Style Tree House Horror Hangout

I'd assume every horror-obsessed kid of the 80's has seen The Monster Squad at least once.  With that initial viewing there were likely a few things that suck with you throughout your childhood.  Maybe it was the idea that the Wolfman did in fact have nards or possibly Tom Noonan's portrayal of such a friendly monster.  For John Squires over at Freddy In Space it was the tree house set.  I'd recommend anyone reading this to check out that post.  He lists ten items he would have in his own Monster Squad inspired tree house, he was also nice enough to inquire about other blogger's thoughts concerning this.

The gang's tree house was littered with all kinds of posters, models, and trinkets.  The kind of stuff that any young horror fan would yearn for.  As a kid I always wanted a tree house but growing up in an apartment kind of hampers that idea.  While two chairs and a blanket were a somewhat adequate escape from the world, I'd always imagine what it must be like having a tree house all to yourself...Making this pretty easy task to complete.

So here it goes...

1.) Scary Stories to tell in the Dark
These books were an integral part of my childhood.  It was seriously hard deciding between this series and Goosebumps.  Goosebumps were fun and all, but these books had artwork by Stephen Gammell...We're talking truly demented drawings.  The stories were all great too but man...The pictures took things to a whole new level.  This series of books has since been reprinted for a new generation of children sans the original grim drawings...I pity today's youth.

Everyone Must Die

Everyone Must....Avoid this movie.

Joking aside Everyone Must Die is a modern slasher directed by Steve Rudzinski.  The film is about a serial killer terrorizing town after town.  The killer ends up murdering the wrong girl and manages to have her older vengeful brother Kyle hot on his trail.

A few towns over a group of 20 somethings are attempting to have a drunken soiree when their party is crashed by the ninja clad killer.  They're in luck however, as Kyle runs in and saves the day.  The group take cover in a nearby apartment as Kyle goes into a detailed exposition.  Together the battered group of bad actors must attempt to survive until the proper authorities arrive.

Cheap Thrills: Romancing The Vampire

Do you have a Half Price Books in your area?  Do you like Vampires?  If you answered both questions with an extremely positive "YES!" than I'd say it's time to get your ass to the nearest HPB store.

Last month I posted about my insanely cheap horror-book-haul from a Texas HPB.  Well a few weekends ago I spent a good hour in one of the Oklahoma City locations (much to my girlfriend's dismay, mind you) and we managed to find this book in the metaphysics section.  While at $9.99 it isn't exactly dirt cheap, but it's totally worth the money as it's not only gigantic, but also loaded with goodies.  Have a look for yourselves!

Don't let the title of David J. Skal's book fool ya' folks, this is one badass book.  While I think 'Peter Vincent's guide to blood suckery' would have been a better fit, I guess 'Romancing the Vampire' will have to do.

Mighty Max

Chances are any males born between 1983 and 1990 will remember the Mighty Max toy line.  For those who might have a hazy memory it's a pretty basic concept.  Someone took what was primarily a girl's toy (Polly Pocket) and combined it with the likes of Monster Bash.  I'm sure someone out there will correct me on the dates and the fact that Monster Bash technically came out after Mighty Max, never-the-less they were two things that were not just very similar in character and tone, but also detrimental to an eight year old Chris.


Production Year: 1976
Release Date: 11/01/2011
Studio: Argent Films
Collection Number: 1031

Keoma has everything I want in a spaghetti western.  Creative direction, a good score, interesting story, and of coarse...Franco Nero.

In the film Keoma (Franco Nero) returns to his home town after the civil war to find it has been taken over by a man named Caldwell and his vicious gang.   To make matters worse the leader has enlisted the help of three of Keoma's siblings, together they rule with an iron fist, killing with no qualms whether it be man or woman.

The film actually begins a lot like Django in that the titular hero saves a young woman from being killed.  The woman in question is with child and supposedly infected with the plague.  Feeling that everyone, especially an unborn child, should have a fair chance at life, Keoma saves her and together they travel back to the town.  This is where his troubles begin.  Anyone accused of having the illness must be rounded up and kept prisoner.  While the disease is easily curable, Caldwell and his gang control every aspect of the town, including the transportation of medicine.

Halloween might be months away, but Summer is the perfect time to start preparing.  Not only is it the perfect time to plant pumpkins seeds in my area of Oklahoma (well, according to Google anyway.)  But it's also a great time to find some awesome deals at garage sales.  This morning we headed out to a sale that supposedly had a bunch of Spooky Town pieces.  We were a day late however, as all they had left were ones I'd already purchased years earlier.  According to the lady she sold most of what she had on Friday.  We left disappointed but soon found out that today wasn't a total bust, for as we made our way home and up to the house I happened to notice that my Pumpkins had actually begin to sprout.

I planted them last Sunday, I thought about making some sort of post on here but as this was my first experience planting anything I figured it would be best to make sure they'd actually grow first.  Now that I can actually see the tiny leaves I figured I would track their progression on this website through pictures...Just a little something fun to do between the

reviews and what not.

I made three mounds and planted three seeds in each.

Day 1
As you can see it's a whole lot of nothing.

Massacre Video set to release the controversial 'Snuff 102'

Independent DVD label Massacre Video is proud to present the Argentinean director Mariano Peralta's controversial film "Snuff 102" in a deluxe two-DVD set!  This is the same film where the director was physically attacked halfway through the film by a disgruntled member of the audience at a screening in 2007. After the initial DVD-R release from the director, "Snuff 102" fell into obscurity and was commanding upwards of $400 on eBay!

Silent Screamers Series 1 - Orlok, Renfield, & Caligari

Back before Mezco had established their Living Dead Dolls and Cinema of Fear lines they were known as "Aztech Toyz."  Aztech Toyz worked with Art Asylum to create various lines featuring Eddie (Iron Maiden,) Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and eventually a line of figures based on famous silent-era horror films.  Aztech Toyz would produce two series in their Silent Screamer line along with one gigantic deluxe figure.  Eventually Aztech disbanded and Mezco Toyz was created.

Ten must see horror documentaries!

Below is a list of documentaries I feel are "must sees" for fans of the genre.  A few of them can be caught on netflix and other streaming services, while the rest can generally be purchased for pocket change on amazon.  If I missed any you feel need coverage leave a comment and I'll be sure to get around to it in a future list.  Enjoy!

The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry (2010)
The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry is about the life of the late Paul Naschy.  For those unfamiliar with the man he's been called  the Spanish Lon Chaney, a statement that I would agree with.  I've always been a big fan of his Wolfman/Daninsky films so this was right up my alley.  It's an extremely well done documentary.  If you're a fan if Naschy do yourself a favor and watch this immediately.  I'd even go as far as to recommend this to those unfamiliar with the man's work.  It'd be a nice stepping stone into the world of Naschy and Spanish horror.

Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Revenge

A few years back I rented this really cool docudrama about the serial killer Albert Fish.  At the time there were tons of DTV serial killer films coming out left and right and to be honest most of them weren't worth viewing.  I figured this movie would be more of the same, exaggerated facts and badly acted, but it wasn't.  It managed to be an accurate portrayal of the man and his crimes told through reenactments and informative interviews.  I really dug it, and I was more than happy to review director John Borowski's latest effort.

GPK Magnet cards!

In 1985 Topps created a series of trading cards poking fun at the 'Cabbage Patch Kids' craze.  The Garbage Pail Kids caused a bit of a stir during that decade, getting banned in a handful of schools and eventually the series was even the center of a trademark infringement lawsuit.  While the suit was settled the original series of trading cards wouldn't last much longer, ending 1988 thanks to dwindling sales.  That is until 2003, when Topps would re-introduce the series to a new generation of kids, since that year fans have seen various releases featuring puzzle cards, sketch cards, and posters.  I've managed to some how stay away from the new cards, but while I was leaving Toys R Us I noticed something by one of the registers.

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2008 program

This year was easily my best experience at the Texas Frightmare Weekend.  Romero's Dead films have always been some of my favorites of the genre and this particular convention centered around all of them.  I met all of the Night of the Living Dead guests and managed to catch a screening of Romero's Diary of the Dead.  The best part of the con was when Kyra Schon actually recognized the tattoo on my arm and remembered my name, it was a total fanboy moment haha.

The Wolfman - Diamond Select Toys

Back with another Diamond Select Toys review!  This time I'll be tackling one of my favorite movie monsters, The Wolfman.  The 1941 film is about Larry Talbot, a man who returns home after hearing of his brother's death.   One night while accompanying two women to a fortune teller he's attacked and bitten by a wolf, now Mr. Talbot is cursed, transforming into a savage monster every night the moon is full.

The wolfman was part of the first series Diamond offered, this specific carded version was exclusive to Toys R Us and sadly wouldn't get the deluxe treatment like the mummy or the creature.  It would however get a few more releases down the road with a black and white version that was available as a single carded figure and in a box set with the other two monsters featured in the first line.


I was one of the few that seemed to really dig V/H/S, even with the abundance of crappy "found footage" flicks I still find myself enjoying films of that nature, as such I was anticipating the sequel.  I sat down this afternoon and watched V/H/S/2 and I'm happy to report that I really liked this sequel.

This time the central story involves a private investigator and his colleague who are hired by woman to track down her missing son.  The search leads to an empty house which much like the film's predecessor has a room containing a mountain of flickering TV sets.  The kid they are looking for turns out to be one of the delinquents from the first film, he also happens to have quite the collection of unmarked tapes which the two investigators begin to watch.

Exploitation air fresheners

You can file this one in the "what the fuck" category.  Sometime last year I received a nice little package from Canada containing a few air fresheners from two very well known Italian horror movies.  When it comes to memorbillia I'm sure most people are used to posters or lobby cards, though one thing no one would ever expect to see is an Anthropophagus air freshener hanging from a car's rear view mirror.

When I saw these for sale on facebook I knew I had to have them, it was perfect timing with the purchase of my first new car...It was like it was meant to be.  The guy was nice enough to send me four, so I was able to not only use them in my car but tuck two away  for collecting's sake.

I couldn't help but do a video on this strange find.  Eventually the fella' that runs The House of Mysterious Secrets happened across the video and I was able to put him in touch with the person that made these glorious air fresheners, meaning fairly soon these should be available for mass consumption.  Pretty cool huh?  Keep your eyes peeled to that website if you want to score a pair, and as for the obvious question of "what does a Zombie air freshener smell like?"  I'm afraid that's just a mystery you'll have to solve on your own.

Trailer for "Insidious: Chaper 2" is officially up!

Click here to check it out!  The Lambert family returns and apparently they're still dealing with a few paranormal issues in the forthcoming sequel to 2010's Insidious.  Director James Wan and his writing partner Leigh Whannell are both on board once again, so fans of the first film will definitely want to catch this one in theaters!

Insidious: Chapter 2 opens nationwide on September 13th, 2013 so be sure to mark you calenders. 

Castle Freak

Production Year: 1995
Release Date: 04/30/2013
Studio: Wizard Entertainment
Collection Number: 939

Full Moon continues to give their past releases the HD treatment, the latest being Stuart Gordon's Castle Freak.  The film is about a broken family who discover they've inherited a European castle.  The group heads overseas to check out the inheritance and are immediately taken by the beauty of the place.  Soon we discover that the family is essentially on it's last legs, Jeffery Combs is a struggling alcoholic who's addiction led to the death of the couple's son and took their daughter's vision.  As the married couple are constantly having at each other the daughter seems to be the only one to notice something strange is happening inside the castle.  While they might now own the place they are not the only ones to inhabit it.  The gothic castle is also home to a tortured and deformed man whom for the first 40 years of his life was held prisoner there...Now with the death of their realitive, his abusive captor, he's able to roam free and has only one thing on his mind.

Rolling Thunder

Production Year: 1977
Release Date: 05/28/2013
Studio: Shout/Scream Factory
Collection Number: 1027

After spending seven tortuous years in a Vietnam prison Major Charles Rane (William Devane) returns home to his family only to discover his son does not remember him and his wife will soon be marrying another man.  If that wasn't enough the now nearly soulless vet must wear a fake smile as he attends public affair after public affair praising him for his time spent as a POW.  Rane clearly has issues, so used to his daily routines of submission and torture that when a group of armed assailants show up to burglarize his home he doesn't seem to care.  Eventually the men take his hand, murder his family, and destroy whatever was left of his psyche.

Frankenstein's Army red band trailer

Back in 2006 there was some serious buzz surrounding a little trailer called "Worst Case Scenario," in which a Germany kicks off Armageddon by sending out a legion of mutated zombie-like creatures.  While the preview showed very little and only lasted a short amount of time the imagery displayed was enough to get the horror community excited about the upcoming film.

White Lightnin'

Production Year: 2009
Release Date: 06/28/2013
Studio: MPI
Collection Number: 958

Jesco White's insane life was documented in the 1991 documentary The Dancing Outlaw.  The widely popular film showed the ups and downs of the glue-sniffin' mountain dancer's life and eventually garnered a sequel titled "Jesco goes to Hollywood," in which he well...Went to Hollywood.  In 2009 the men behind the Jackass films put out a third documentary, "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.  Though this third documentary centered around the White's as a family unit, a lot of time was spent on the mountain dancer.  There were some people who claimed the Jackass boys exploited the White family while showing all of the bad habits of the family with none of the good...I'd really like to know how those people felt about the highly exploitative White Lightnin.'