5 Apps a horror fan should not be without!

5.) Horror Ringtones
Team Kaiowa has loaded this application with over 30 various sounds and themes.  Each can be set as ringtones, text alerts, alarms, etc.  For a free application this is definitely one of the best as far as tones are concerned.  If you ever tire of the "Ethereal Voice" you're in luck, Kaiowa does update the application from time to time so there's generally new content to be found   The application does have it's faults though as only the more well known horror films are represented.  Add some Frizzi to the lineup and this would be perfect.

4.) Crackle's Movie App
A nice legal way to watch a number of free movies.  Sadly the quality of the horror films featured varies from time to time.  Sometimes they've got a great line up or horror movies, other times you might be stuck watching an I Know What You Did Last Summer marathon, it really just depends.  The PQ is dependent on your connection speed, but as long as I've used it I've had no issues with the program crashing or the quality of the film degrading.

3.) Ghost Hunter
This was one of the first apps I downloaded when I purchased a smart phone.  It was created by Gregory Pothier who went to the trouble of gathering a few of the more popular paranormal apps and loading them all into one very cool program.  It's very gimmicky which is something I love.  It has an EMF detector, EVP recorder, Map of haunted places, Ouija board, along with a few more options.  Not the most scientifically accurate device for fledgling ghost hunters, but it's kept me pretty entertained.

2.) Cellfish's Halloween Live Wallpaper
Next up is a very cool live wallpaper based on John Carpenter's Halloween.  It was created by Cellfish Studio, a company known for their great interactive applications.  The basic version includes a live wallpaper featuring the house depicted in the 1978 film.  From there you're given a number of options to personalize the wallpaper, you can choose to have a custom clock, keypad, text tones, there's even an option that will let blood run down the screen every time you receive a notification.  There's a premium version of available that allows Michael Myers to stalk your phone.  What's not to love?

1.) DVD Profiler
Finally that brings us to the DVD profiler application. I've been collecting and cataloging movies for well over a decade now so I've been put through the wringer when it comes to cataloging software and websites.  I've seen the good, the bad, and the guzzlefish.  Around 2009 I took the leap from the free programs to DVD Profiler and I've never looked back.  Recently the company released a DVDP app for Android which syncs up with the computer program to help keep an up-to-date log of your collection, if you're like me and have a pretty large number of movies this will help you on your bargain bin hunts.  The application isn't free, but it also isn't expensive.  If you've got a fairly large collection you owe it to yourself to at least try it out, there's a free simplified version on the Invelos website.


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