Diamond Select Toy's Frankenstein's Monster

Boris Karloff wasn't just an actor, for 71 minutes he was Frankenstein's monster.  In 1931 with the help of artist Jack Pierce the actor was able to transform himself into a 6'4" undead creation.  Frankenstein ushered in a new kind of monster movie along with launching the career of the actor.  Karloff would reprise his role as the monster in two other films, and while Universal would release a number of other movies depicting the monster, I feel Karloff's portrayal is the best.

Like all of the other figures in the select line, the monster is loaded into an oversized shelf-friendly package.  The figure is almost fully visible with the accessory packed directly behind him.  This really is a case where MOC collectors should be happy with their purchase.
With a passing glance you will recognize the Monster and pick up on the actor's likeness, it has all of the attributes that made Jack Peirce's makeup so famous, with that said, I do feel that Sideshow's past releases had a bit more of an accurate likeness to the actor.  Diamond was sure no detail would be spared, everything is covered from the wrinkles in the pants to the scars on the arms.  The paint is pretty good with a few light washes to bring out the details, nothing is too overdone and Frankenstein manages to be a nice shade of green without stepping into cartoon territory.

The only accessory included with the monster is a laboratory operating table.  Though assembly is required it was pretty easy to put together.  The table is huge and Frankie looks great lying on top of it.  It's a nice metallic color with a handful of washes over it to give it a real grimy look.  
Sadly I missed out on the original Sideshow figure line of the late 90's.  I was still saving my nickels and dimes for Spawn action figures and generally didn't have enough money to collect both lines.  It's nice to have a company like Diamond go back and give some of these characters life again, especially with these deluxe additions, who'd have ever thought they'd have a big piano to display with The Phantom or a big sarcophagus for The Mummy.  While this isn't their best release to date, it's still a solid figure and one I would recommend getting.

Apparently next year Diamond will release a figure based on Karloff's look in The Son of Frankenstein.  I personally cannot wait as this was my favorite look of the monster.  As the line's articulation has drastically improved, I think it's a safe bet that the upcoming figure could beat out this one as the best Frankenstein on my shelf.