Exploitation air fresheners

You can file this one in the "what the fuck" category.  Sometime last year I received a nice little package from Canada containing a few air fresheners from two very well known Italian horror movies.  When it comes to memorbillia I'm sure most people are used to posters or lobby cards, though one thing no one would ever expect to see is an Anthropophagus air freshener hanging from a car's rear view mirror.

When I saw these for sale on facebook I knew I had to have them, it was perfect timing with the purchase of my first new car...It was like it was meant to be.  The guy was nice enough to send me four, so I was able to not only use them in my car but tuck two away  for collecting's sake.

I couldn't help but do a video on this strange find.  Eventually the fella' that runs The House of Mysterious Secrets happened across the video and I was able to put him in touch with the person that made these glorious air fresheners, meaning fairly soon these should be available for mass consumption.  Pretty cool huh?  Keep your eyes peeled to that website if you want to score a pair, and as for the obvious question of "what does a Zombie air freshener smell like?"  I'm afraid that's just a mystery you'll have to solve on your own.