Frankenstein's Army red band trailer

Back in 2006 there was some serious buzz surrounding a little trailer called "Worst Case Scenario," in which a Germany kicks off Armageddon by sending out a legion of mutated zombie-like creatures.  While the preview showed very little and only lasted a short amount of time the imagery displayed was enough to get the horror community excited about the upcoming film.

Though some of the film was shot production was inevitably shut down due to budgetary issues.  This was very disappointing, but director Richard Raaphorst immediately began to work on his next project, one that had a very similar tone.  The film would be titled "Frankenstein's Army," and would eventually get picked up by the company Dark Sky Films.

The film will release into a limited number of theaters later this year with a Blu-ray and DVD release scheduled for September 3rd.  Below you can view the new red band trailer.  The film's official facebook page can be found here.