GPK Magnet cards!

In 1985 Topps created a series of trading cards poking fun at the 'Cabbage Patch Kids' craze.  The Garbage Pail Kids caused a bit of a stir during that decade, getting banned in a handful of schools and eventually the series was even the center of a trademark infringement lawsuit.  While the suit was settled the original series of trading cards wouldn't last much longer, ending 1988 thanks to dwindling sales.  That is until 2003, when Topps would re-introduce the series to a new generation of kids, since that year fans have seen various releases featuring puzzle cards, sketch cards, and posters.  I've managed to some how stay away from the new cards, but while I was leaving Toys R Us I noticed something by one of the registers.

I've got to hand it to the trading card company- this is a seriously cool package.  My store had four different package designs each featuring a different deformed character.  I decided to go with this one because it reminded me a lot of Alex Winter's character from Freaked.  It was hell waiting until I got home to open this up...I was really curious as to what character cards I would receive and was hoping the guy on the bag might make a second appearance.

As luck would have it he did, he had a name this time too "Beasty Boyd."  When you open this sucker up you're greeted with a very mysterious odor and a handful of goodies.

The cards themselves are pretty cool, if you had some of these growing up then you pretty much know what to expect.   I decided to go ahead and give the gummy candy a go.  They had a very old manufactured taste to them, like maybe they had been around since the original line of cards...Maybe that's what nostalgia tastes like.

I decided to pile them around my other cool magnets.  Oh, and the Necronomicon is just a 'lil something I made last year.  You can currently pick these up at most major retailers and they come highly recommended!

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