Halloween might be months away, but Summer is the perfect time to start preparing.  Not only is it the perfect time to plant pumpkins seeds in my area of Oklahoma (well, according to Google anyway.)  But it's also a great time to find some awesome deals at garage sales.  This morning we headed out to a sale that supposedly had a bunch of Spooky Town pieces.  We were a day late however, as all they had left were ones I'd already purchased years earlier.  According to the lady she sold most of what she had on Friday.  We left disappointed but soon found out that today wasn't a total bust, for as we made our way home and up to the house I happened to notice that my Pumpkins had actually begin to sprout.

I planted them last Sunday, I thought about making some sort of post on here but as this was my first experience planting anything I figured it would be best to make sure they'd actually grow first.  Now that I can actually see the tiny leaves I figured I would track their progression on this website through pictures...Just a little something fun to do between the

reviews and what not.

I made three mounds and planted three seeds in each.

Day 1
As you can see it's a whole lot of nothing.
Day 7
Woohoo...Just 150 days until I've got pumpkins!  Isn't gardening the most exciting thing in the world?  Okay, maybe not.