Return of the Living Dead LE shirt from!

While things have yet to be confirmed, Kristy Jett has been hinting around about the new shirt over on facebook.  Judging from a handful of photos it looks to be another one of their awesome limited edition packages, this time mirroring some of the monster costumes of the past.  For those who might be little unfamiliar with the old packages I was able to find a nice example thanks to the website Goblinhaus.

Credit goes to for the picture!

Mezco also did a similar package with a line of their Living Dead Dolls.  Each set included a mask, t-shirt, and doll.

While I'm not a collector of the line I have had the pleasure of seeing one of these in person.  I seriously had to fight the urge to purchase it.  I don't think I'll be able to maintain that level of self-control when it comes to Return of the Living Dead, however.

Click here to see a preview of the upcoming ROTLD set and be sure to follow them on instagram for more updates.

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