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Back with another Diamond Select Toys review!  This time I'll be tackling one of my favorite movie monsters, The Wolfman.  The 1941 film is about Larry Talbot, a man who returns home after hearing of his brother's death.   One night while accompanying two women to a fortune teller he's attacked and bitten by a wolf, now Mr. Talbot is cursed, transforming into a savage monster every night the moon is full.

The wolfman was part of the first series Diamond offered, this specific carded version was exclusive to Toys R Us and sadly wouldn't get the deluxe treatment like the mummy or the creature.  It would however get a few more releases down the road with a black and white version that was available as a single carded figure and in a box set with the other two monsters featured in the first line.

The sculpt is great and really captures the look that Jack Pierce created so many decades ago.  His expression has an open snarling mouth which is different than past incarnations which looked a bit somber.  Every bit of hair is sculpted on the face, hands and feet.  The figure features 8 points of articulation so there's not too many poses you can get out of 'em, but to be fair I can only recall the wolfman standing one particular way which was indeed hunched over, knees bent, and arms creeping outward.

The paint applications are also top notch, this time around they've given Larry a turquoise shirt which is interesting since past companies have went with light blue.  The fur has a few different washes to bring out all of the details of the sculpt, there's also a nice dark wash over the shirt.

The only accessory included is the base which depicts a section of forest.  Not nearly as cool as the sarcophagus that the Mummy came with, but it's better than nothing.  A much needed accessory considering the wolfman has a bit of trouble standing on his own.

The wolfman tends to not get a lot of love in the toy world, most companies put out a few different versions of Frankenstein's monster or the creature while Larry Talbot usually only garners a single release.  I guess it makes sense considering his look pretty much stayed the same from film to film though I'd still like to see Diamond give us one more wolfman, maybe going the Jakk's route and including interchangeable human parts.  Yeah, that'd be cool.  Until then this is probably the best version of this guy to go after.

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