Diamond Select Toy's Phantom of the Opera

When you think of Lon Chaney there's a good chance his portrayal of the Phantom is one of the first images that pops into your skull.  Believe it or not the actor applied his own make-up during the production, thus creating one of the most iconic monsters in film history.

Diamond Select Toys has been manufacturing figures based on the Universal Monsters for the last few years, a new line generally hits stores every October creating yet another cool yearly tradition for us horror nuts.

Like all of their deluxe figures the packaging is very collector friendly.  Keeping these mint and on a shelf won't take anything away from the product as everything is easily visible.  Each package is uniform and they really do look nice when grouped together.

Right out of the box I noticed that Diamond Select has improved on the articulation of this line.  Some of the past figures have been hindered a bit by this issue, but this Phantom toy sports more than 15 points of articulation.  That's enough to get him into just about any pose you can imagine.  

 In comparison to his onscreen counterpart things are pretty damn accurate.  DST did a really good job capturing Chaney's look in the film from his contorted nose all the way to the smallest detail in his tuxedo.  The company also gets a few extra points for a very good paint job.  There are a few light washes to bring out some of the details along with a gloss finish on certain parts of the suit.

One thing I absolutely love about these toys are the gigantic accessories the company manages to squeeze into the package.  The Organ looks great and makes an awesome display piece for the figure.

Also included is a small base, interchangeable left hand, and the book of music Don Juan Triumphant.  The book can rest atop the organ and while the Phantom doesn't necessarily need the base to stand, it is nice that they included it.

The Phantom was released last year along with the Metaluna Mutant, they are two of the best figures this series has produced thus far.  They might not be the most popular characters in Universal's long line of monsters, but as far as quality is concerned they reign supreme.  The articulation is there, the sculpt, paint, and accessories...Everything is accounted for and everything is top-notch.  If you're a fan of the films or just monsters in general I really can't recommend this figure enough.