Yesterday I mentioned that Fright-Rags had been hinting around about their next limited edition shirt. Today they sent out an email confirming the rumors and giving fans a full look at the final designs. The pre-orders begin on July the 11th and will end on the 15th, like past editions there are multiple versions to choose from. The mask edition is extremely limited and features a t-shirt with a full color image on the front and back, the design on the shirt will also be available as a screen printed and hand numbered poster. A second design is also available as a normal tee and a baseball tee, the design is titled "TV Tarman" and depicts the character sitting in front of a television eating a brains and various junk foods. It's hard to tell with the small image but it looks like the soda can sitting next to the zombie has a TNT logo, possibly paying homage to the station that gave us the great "Monstervision" during the 90's.

The mask/shirt set looks great!  To see the other design click here and while you're there be sure to sign up for their newsletter.

Oh and hey Fright-Rags...When can we expect a Monstervision shirt?!  Seriously, it's long overdue!