Upgrade and Save at Best Buy!

Best Buy's annual "Upgrade and Save" promotion has a few weeks left.  I know some tend to avoid the store as the chain has been known to have less than qualified employees, however if you're like me and you've got a stack of unwanted DVD's collecting dust then it's high time you made your way to the place.

If you've never participated before it's quite painless.  Just make your way to the dreaded customer service desk and handover an old DVD.  They in turn give you a coupon for five dollars off your next blu-ray purchase.  There are a few stipulations such as no stacking or combining coupons and the blu-ray must be priced at $9.99 or higher.  Other than that it's a pretty simple transaction.

Generally if something has been released in the last few months you can expect a price drop during this event.  I'd been waiting to find the perfect price for the new Chainsaw 3D blu-ray (review here,) while my experience with the movie was somewhat positive I wasn't wanting to spend a lot scratch on the thing.  I guess 9.99 was my lucky number. 

Need a little more convincing?  I've gathered five great titles, a majority of which get knocked down to $4.99 with the current promotion.  The only catch is you've got to find them in stores....Shouldn't be too hard of a task considering I've seen most of them here at my local Best Buy.  As the old saying goes if you can find it in Oklahoma you can probably find it anywhere.  Okay, maybe that's not actually saying.

What's better than expanding your horror blu-ray collection for next to nothing?  Free pizza.  I haven't quite figured out how to make the pizza thing happen so I guess for now we'll just have to stick to the high-def horror discs. 

Make a killing at Best Buy!?  Leave a comment and share your haul!