Halloween Sightings: Michaels 7/26/13

Michaels is generally the first store to get a majority of their Halloween selection set up.  I couldn't wait to get down there and checkout their Spooky Town display, it's became a July Tradition.  Generally it's too hot here in Oklahoma during July to truly get into the Halloween spirit, though as luck would have it today it's been overcast and windy.

As Fall draws closer I'm sure we'll be greeted with more Jack-o-Lanterns and themed displays.  What they had out now was pretty good though.  I will say the current prices on the Lemax stuff was a bit too high for my liking.  Even with a 50% off coupon it seems like the items are more expensive this season.  This has certainly been one of the better years for the line though so I guess that's one plus.

The accessories were all moderately priced, I did grab a light up moon for my display.  It's something that will get a lot of use whether it's during October in my Town display or the rest of the year with my collection of Universal Monsters. 

I love the Clock Tower!  It has all kinds of moving gears and flashing lights.  I feel like I almost need it but as I'm on a budget I'm not completely sure I can spend forty bucks on it.

Spooky Town wasn't the only thing they had out.  Foam pumpkins, window clings, and other craft oriented items were on full display.

 The light up yard ornaments look nice, but they're not exactly my cup o' tea.  Now the strobe lights...That's something I might have to invest in.  I've always dug the look of houses decked out in those violently flashing lights on Halloween night.  Yes, I might be procuring a few of those.

That about does it for Michaels.  When I went this morning they were still decorating pumpkins so I'm betting things will really flesh out in the next few weeks.  Keep in mind that you can get coupons via texts and emails if you sign up on their website.  It's a great way to save some cash!