Mighty Max meets famous horror icons!

It seemed like everything was getting shrunk down and miniaturized in the 90's.  Back then you were literally only as cool as your Micro Machine collection.  Little cars weren't the only thing popular during this fad, everything from Star Wars to Ninja Turtles were getting this treatment.  I guess I could list off a few more lines but I'd much rather let a one massive picture do the talkin.'

...And that folks, is just the tip of the iceberg.  

My favorite Line to come out during this micro-obsession was Mighty Max.  Over the weekend I managed to stop at a garage sale that was chock-full of the tiny playsets.  I was ecstatic and bought most of what was offered...On the way home through my excitement I begin to think about the 'what-if's' of the toyline.  For example; What if Mattel was able to strike up a deal with Universal Studios?  Think about it, Mighty Max taking on a veritable army of famous monsters.  How cool would that be!?  Well kids you can take off your thinkin' caps because I've went to the trouble of mish-mashing the famed toy line with not just some of the Universal Monsters, but a few other famous horror icons.

The first is based off Lugosi's portrayal of the monster in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.  Karloff is certainly more iconic in the role of Frankenstein's monster, but 'Meets' also featured Lawrence Talbot AKA The Wolf Man, so I figured this film might make the better playset.  The set would feature a laboratory, cave/dungeon, along with a sheet of ice that Frankenstein can be stored under.  The clear sheet of ice is a must for this Doom Zone.

While a ton of talented actors have donned fangs and a cape I think Bela Lugosi's performance of the cursed count is the most memorable.  This playset would open to reveal a Transylvania castle complete with a dungeon, coffin, and the count's vampiric brides.

Next poor Max would find himself in an old haunted opera house.  This playset would open to reveal a lavish opera set with trap doors, a piano/organ, and the Phantom.

Max transports to a small run down asylum where he must escape the unstoppable killing machine known as Michael Myers.  This one is special as it includes not just the shadowy murderer, but a mini Dr. Loomis!

This playset would open up to become a big forest with a campground and a small cabin.  There would definitely be an action feature allowing you to swing a sleeping bag into a tree.  There's a good chance it would have been banned from KB Toys soon after it's release.

No horror series is complete without at least one zombie.  Lucio Fulci's undead masterpiece featured a slew of the most disgusting rotted zombies to ever grace theater screens.  This playset would be no different.  There would be a lever allowing a number of zombies to raise from their graves.  The front of the base would feature an underwater section complete with a shark to reenact everyone's favorite battle scene.

Which famous monster would you turn into a Doom Zone?  Be sure to let me know and maybe your idea can find it's way into Vol. 2!