New Evil Dead 2 German release promises an extended cut!

The German company Kinowelt along with Studiocanal will be releasing an Evil Dead 2 mediabook in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary.  While the discs will be locked to region B the contents on each will be English friendly.  Good news for American fans who'd like to see an alternative cut of the cult classic.  Not too many details have surfaced about the cut or quality of the print, but a whopping 2.5 minutes of additional footage will be included.  Joking aside, that might not seem like much but there is a chance some different takes were also utilised.  Plus this is Evil Dead 2 we're talking about here!  Heralded as one of the best horror flick's the eighties has to offer!  I've owned this film multiple times on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray...Call me a sucker but I'll totally throw down cash on an extended cut no matter how miniscule, the awesome packaging is just a bonus!  

Known bootlegs have been pieced together by fans using various takes and deleted scenes, infact a number of these can be found on youtube.  It's likely safe to assume that the company has found a wealth of similar material and are hard at work cleaning it up for this release.  

Also impressive is the special edition packaging.  Some of my favorite blu-ray releases have been mediabooks.  Now I'm doubtful this release will vanquish my love for the old Anchor Bay BOTD edition, but it could very well come close!  For a full list of special features and the opportunity to pre-order the release click here!