SDCC 2013 Horror wrap-up!

It's currently the middle of July which means San Diego Comic Con is in full effect!  There's still a few days left and already a ton of news and images have made their way around the interwebs.  As much as I'd love to go to one particular site and get the horror-only scoop, most websites tend to only offer full coverage.  I've decided to make it easier on my fellow fiends and gather some of the horror-highlights from the famed convention.

First up is my current favorite company when it comes to action figures.  Diamond Select Toys revealed a big display chock-full of monster goodness.  The DST Universal Monsters wave continues with two new lines.  The first (series 4) hits this October with Mr. Hyde and Quasimoto.  2014 will see the release of the fifth series containing the Creature featuring a brand new sculpt, The Monster from Son of Frankenstein, and an original concept Van Helsing figure!  If all that wasn't enough this October fans will be have the opportunity to purchase two brand new banks sporting the likeness of The Bride and The Wolf Man.

Credit goes to for the photos.

Credit goes to for the photos.

DST will also be releasing a new series of Munsters action figures in August along with continuing their line of Walking Dead Mini-mates.

Credit goes to for the photos.

Neca is next and I was a bit underwhelmed with what they were showing.  They promised fans that 2013 would be the year of Jason, but there were no new Friday the 13th figures displayed.  Their Aliens and Predator lines will expand with more Kenner inspired figures along with a few Dutch repaints.  They've also announced lines for the original Alien along with Planet of the Apes.   ANOES will get one new series which looks nice, and if you haven't picked up the Furnace base it's currently available at specialty stores.

Credit goes to for the photos.

I managed to find this picture with Mego inspired sculpts for Freddy and Jason, I personally dig'em but I know they're not for everyone.  More Pacific Rim figures are on the horizon though the one that interests me the most is the 18 inch Knifehead.  A few cool things are coming from Neca, but it's too bad Friday fans got the shaft.

Credit goes to for the photos.

Mezco news is always welcome, sadly it looks like their line of stylized Uni. Monsters might not be expanded upon.  The Mummy hits stores in October so be sure to start saving your lunch money.  They're also releasing a "mega scale" Chucky.  I'm not sure how big "mega scale" is, 15 inches possibly?  This is one I think I'll have to see in person before I commit to buy.

Credit goes to for the photos.
Some of the more surprising news came from the Hallmark booth.  2014 will be the year of the monster Christmas ornament!  I'm a total stickler for Hallmark Ornaments, they're pricey but come 2014 these will be mine.

Credit goes to MWCToys for the photos.

The last bit of news comes from Anchor Bay, I'm not entirely sure if this is directly from the convention or it just got mixed in with everything else.  Either way it's cool and I wanted to share.  Their upcoming 35th Anniversary blu-ray of Halloween will indeed be a Mediabook.  Count me in.

That does it for now, but the con is far from over...Maybe some of these companies were saving the best for last.  

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