Some quick thoughts on Pacific Rim

This evening I had the pleasure of seeing Guillermo Del Toro's newest creation.  I've pretty much loved everything the man's done, and while I wasn't completely sold on the prospect of the film I was still really looking forward to seeing it.  I'm happy to report that it surpassed any expectations I had set forth.  While I'm pretty darn tired (to the point of utter incompetence) I couldn't help but log on here and share a few random thoughts on the film.

When we pre-ordered the tickets I was kind of stunned.  I guess it's been awhile since I made the venture to Oklahoma's biggest Imax, but I wasn't expecting to pay $16 bucks.  I've been spoiled by Tinsel Town's $4.25 matinee.  I know I shouldn't complain as living in the South West mean's we're one of the last places to generally see price hikes, but geez.  Factor in a drink and you're dishing out an Andrew Jackson.  I promise you I'm not going on some ticket pricing tirade, point being when it was all said and done and the credits were rolling down the screen I realized that I would have happily paid more then 20 big ones for that experience.  The film was damn good.

Yes it's a CGI laden big budgeted summer blockbuster, possibly one of the biggest the director will ever tackle.  But more importantly it is a Del Toro film through and through.  From the monster designs to the zany characters, the director's fingerprints are all over the place.  I was drawn in from the second the movie started and when it was over I left wanting more.  Del Toro isn't one to shy away from having a man in a rubber suit, Hellboy 2 had a ton of that (Troll market anyone?)  This didn't though, It would have been nice to see some of these creatures done practically, especially given the obvious inspirations for the film.  Sadly I don't think that would have ever been in the cards given the overall scale of things.  So I guess that's my only real nag...For what it's worth the CGI was pretty good, seeing a robot and a gigantic hammer head-cthulhu rolling around destroying a city destroying everything in their path was a great.

I guess the most important part of a monster movie are the monsters, right?  I've always been severely interested in deep sea creatures, lucky for me a lot of the monsters had similar attributes to those extremely creepy fish that are found lurking in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean.  My favorite was a crustacean-inspired monster that's seen destroying Tokyo in a flashback.  They're all pretty cool though, I know Neca currently has the license for the film meaning we're sure to get a line of extremely detailed Kaiju...While I love Neca I can't help but think to the 90's Godzilla line.  I wish Trendmasters was still around...This would definitely be the kind of movie they would have went all out for. I want a Pacific Rim Microverse set dammit!

The 3D Imax presentation was worth the money.  Pacific Rim relies on  heavy visuals to get it's story moving.  It's big, mean, loud, and it's meant to be seen that way.  Cutting corners might suffice for The Way, Way Back, but you're going to want to raid the couch for a few extra coins when it comes to this film.

Another plus to seeing this film tonight!?  Free Imax exclusive poster!  We were seriously taken aback when we got our hands on one...These aren't the crappy promo posters you find laying near the ticket booth.  The poster features an original design and is printed on a thick high quality paper, serious business folks.  Did I mention I was able to grab two?  Maybe a giveaway is in order.

Isn't that just a thing of beauty!?

Pacific Rim gets the Cannibal Reviews seal of approval.  Go see it!  Give Del Toro your support!  MONSTERS!


  1. If you are a fan of the anime genre ( Gundam to make an example) you will find this American production very enjoyable. A good transposition of japanese cartoos to the Cinema of Special Effects. The robot movements are an improvement of the Mechanisms seen in the Transformers series

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