Target's Evil Dead (2013) Steelbook

Production Date: 2013
Release Date: 07/16/2013
Studio: Sony
Collection Number: 1220

 It seems like only yesterday I was eagerly waiting in line for a sneak preview of the Evil Dead reboot (review here.)  Rumors of cameos, buckets of blood, and a few prior positive reviews made for a much anticipated horror film.  While I didn't think it was the best film I had seen all year I certainly enjoyed myself.  When news broke of Target's upcoming limited edition I knew I'd be one steelbook richer come July 16th.

Target didn't have the only exclusive however, Best Buy's release boasts a limited bonus disc full of exclusive content.

So what version is best?  I guess that just depends on one's preference.  Personally, I'm a steelbook junkie and this morning I found myself walking through the automatic doors of the big red store.   In comparison to Best Buy's, I do think the Target version is superior.  Not only is it an extremely nice looking package it also has the better price of the two.  Still having a tough time deciding?  Feel free to check out some of the pictures I snapped this morning.

Yep, no buyer's remorse here.  It's a great looking steelbook, I also really dig the inclusion of the reverse side print.  It brings everything together rather nicely.  There isn't any word on how limited this one is, so your best bet is to get it as soon as you can. 

I liked the film a bit more after a second viewing, say what you will about it but it's a beautifully shot movie.  Aaron Morton (the cinematographer) really needs a few pats on the ol' back for his work on this picture.  Another thing that really stood out upon a second view was the music in the last act.  The score is great and very unnerving, the horns (at least that's what I think they are) that chime in occasionally sound like a mix between a demonic scream and a tornado siren.

The original film will always be my favorite, a big part of it is that nostalgic feeling I get when I put the disc in the player.  At 12 years old The Evil Dead would give me one of the last true genuine scares before I had a chance to overload my senses with horror movies during my teenage years.  The Evil Dead became my go-to movie, constantly renting the HBO Cannon VHS at Blockbuster because at the time there was no other way to get the film.  Anchor Bay would eventually make owning the film an easy task, but I can happily report that as I type this that old Cannon tape is sitting in front of me; Yes, my life has come full circle.  But I digress, even with a deep aging love for the original film the remake definitely place on my shelf.

If you've got your qualms with the film I understand, it's not a perfect movie.  However I do feel this is a movie that the horror community can get behind.  It's a raunch film that assaults the boundaries of an 'R' during a time when every company is pushing for PG-13 ratings.  If you missed this one in theaters you owe it to yourself to at least give it a rent.