The Spooky Town Project

August is a little over a week away meaning Summer's end is fast approaching.  Once the hottest month in Oklahoma hits Halloween items slowly start to make their way into stores like Party Galaxy, Michaels, and Walmart.  Weirdos like myself also begin preparing their Halloween displays.  2013 marks the first year I'm living in my own house and for the past few months I've been scouring garage sales and flea markets trying to find deals on old props and decorations.  The idea is to create something grandiose on a budget, and while this year might be on the tiny side I'd like to slowly build and add on year after year until I've amassed enough items to make the Haunted Mansion look like child's play.

This year I've decided to start small by building a custom platform for my Lemax Spooky Town items.  "What's Spooky Town!?"  You ask?  Well it's only the coolest series of miniature haunted houses and accessories ever created.   In my youth I'd spend a lot of fall days turning my room into a haunted house and forcing family and friends to walk through.  Generally it was met with praise, but let's be honest...It was a handful of monster toys with glow in the dark features accented by a red lightbulb purchased at MG Novelty.  I feel like Spooky Town was created specifically for people like myself.  Now instead of creating a very shoddy room haunt I can create a whole town.  For 13 years Lemax have been releasing tiny, often times motorized houses, along with everything else you'd need to furnish a small town.  They've done it all from Clowns, to Pirates, hell they've even created a Goosebumps themed house (pictured below.)

Products should start popping up at Michaels and Garden Ridge pretty soon.  Often times these two stores have coupons available so it's not the most expensive hobby to start.  One thing every collector needs is a nice big platform to show off their eerie town display.  A few days ago I started the tedious task of making my own and periodically throughout the months I'll show it's progress leading up to the big finished display in October.

First things first...Supplies!  A little really goes a long way, I need styrofoam and luckily that's something I had a lot of.  If you can't round any up Lowes has giant ass sheets of it for 9.99.  Avoid hobby shops for this portion as they will literally rape your wallet.  Everything I gathered managed to take a combined amount of 30 bucks from the ol' bank account.  Not too bad considering how cool this will look in a few day's time.

To create the mountain I just had to cut and stack pieces of styrofoam.  I used adhesive to hold everything together.  Once it dried I took the cutting utensil (essentially just a heated wire) and went to town.  This was my first time using this tool and my second time creating a base.  It was much easier than paper mache and looked twice as nice.  I decided to stick an old vinyl skull in there to really give it a 'spook house' look.  Once I was done with that I mixed some brown grout and covered every inch in the gravely substance.  Grout works great and I can't recommend it enough to anyone working on a similar project.

The next day everything had dried and it was time to paint.  This is the longest and most tedious part of the job.  I won't bore you with the details but it is an important part of the process.  Dry brushing will bring out all the details of your hard work and really makes a world of difference.

The last thing on the list was adding the fake turf.  I'm still unsure how I feel about it, but I think it looks okay for now.   While I'm not quite through with the display I decided to load it up to to get an idea of how far I'd come from a few white blocks of foam.

 Eventually I think I'll add a second mountain to eliminate that awkward gap.  After that it's time to expand forward!  I'm not sure how much I'll do this year as I don't have the biggest collection of Lemax products either way the next few months are going to be a lot of fun!



  2. L O V E the paint job. And thanks for the Grout idea...brilliant!

  3. L O V E the paint job. And thanks for the Grout idea...brilliant!

  4. I love the way this project turned out, awesome job. Can you tell me what type of paint you used for the finished look? I have never made anything like this before, any advice would help.